Animal Sex Stories

animal girl

Chapter 1

Blackjack clung like a beachside fishing village to the ash gray desert that sprawled as far as the eye could see toward the craggy-hewn peaks of the Kingston Range, a motley collection of sun-parched ridges in the southern end of the California Sierras. To the north lay the natural furnace of Death Valley; less than a hundred miles beyond the mountains, Las Vegas nestled like a multicolored jewel in the parched wilderness of the Mojave. It was almost mid-day, and today, like every other day of the year, most activity had ground tediously to a standstill so that men and machines could be replenished. A dozen or so of the men huddled under the tin roof of the open-ended maintenance shed, talking quietly so as not to exert themselves in the scorching heat, waiting for the signal to shuffle back over the powdery wastes and return to their jobs on the oil derricks. Blackjack had a long, if not glorious, history as a mining town. First as a base camp for fruitless gold hunts in the killer mountains, later as a home for borax miners, and now, though mostly in ruin except for a few unpainted cabins that were still inhabitable, as the temporary hometown for nearly twenty "roughnecks" and whatever families they possessed. Blackjack had been invaded seven months ago by Benny Terrell and his ragged crew of fortune hunters, in search of an elusive reservoir of crude oil that might or might not exist, in hopes of a fortune that might or might not fall into their hands. And all of them, including Jamie Olsen, working for wages that seemed as elusive as this tricky oil field they were searching for. Sarah Olsen, Jamie's twenty year old wife of three months, sat alone and sullen on the shaky front porch of their tiny two room shack, her rocking chair carefully positioned so that the runners did not cause any weight to be placed upon the dozen or so completely rotted planks in the porch's unpainted floor. She rocked slowly and gently in the midday heat so as not to use up too much precious strength -- there was still dinner to cook, if you could call boiled potatoes and pork belly a dinner, and dishes to wash and Jamie's one decent work-shirt to be hand scrubbed and hung on the line stretched across the porch to dry in less than a half hour in the desert's hot waterless breeze. Sometimes she felt that the desert's furnace-hot wind was drying her out much the same way, draining her whole young body of its very youthfulness just as it sucked the moisture from a dripping-wet shirt in twenty minutes or so. Scanning the black on white type of the newspaper old Mr. Parker brought her from his supply run into the city, Sarah brushed her blonde hair from her eyes and wiped her forehead instinctively. "Instinctively" because out here in the desert there was really no need for that; perspiration evaporated as fast as it beaded up on your skin in this zero humidity heat. All morning long she had carefully gone down the long, finely-printed columns, x-ing them off one by one, narrowing her hopes for any escape from this perpetual furnace she was trapped in as surely as a sinner is trapped in purgatory. One by one, each tiny inked-in "X" snuffing a little more of the flicker of hope that ached in her breast, Sarah Marie Olsen had eliminated her methods of escape and her chances for another life outside this hell hole that only a money-maddened wildcatter with a cooked brain could call a town. And now there was just one chance left. There could be no turning back if she managed to make it this once, Jamie was no man to be trifled with! She knew only too well that he would beat her until she wouldn't be able to run away again if he caught her or if she had to turn back. Mr. Parker was taking his life in his hands in agreeing to drive her into town, but maybe he figured at his age there wasn't really much to live for anyway. Sarah looked, eyes squinting in the blazing California desert sun, to see if the office shack was empty. It was! In that little clapboard hut was the camp's only telephone, her one link with the outside world that magic place with flowers and cool showers and running water and people who could laugh and not talk only of elusive oil strikes that would never come and towns and cars and sounds and smells. Out there was everything that she had left behind when she somehow fell in love with Jamie Olsen, everything she had thrown away when she stupidly agreed to come with him on this fool's mission on the backside of nowhere. She glanced down the rutted dirt street that connected all the crumbling shacks, the ones in use and the ones too far gone for even the likes of these people to live in. The men had piled onto the flatbed and gone back to the drilling site; and the women, the few that were still here, were all resting or napping inside out of the mind-numbing heat. This was it, now or never! Sarah got up and moved slowly toward the open door of the office shack, angling toward the tin-roofed food storage building first in case someone spotted her. She rechecked the number she had scribbled on the inside of an empty cigarette package and waited for the operator to answer somewhere south toward the highway and the cities of the real world. This was the moment she had dreamed of, walked the floor over, for weeks on end. If the voice on the end of that line held out the slightest hope for her, she would be out of this hell on earth within twenty four hours and she would never look back!

Animal Girl Chapter 2

It wasn't so long ago really, but all that seemed to have been in another world to Sarah now, another life somewhere that she had lived through and was now ended, no more a part of her life now than night was a part of day, or one day a part of the one before. That was over, gone, past, and nothing counted any longer save the present. And each day that she lived now was one more to make up for the miserable ones that came before. Sarah was truly happy now, she was finally doing something wild and exciting, just like all her girlish daydreams when she was in high school back in Utah, dreaming of a life somewhere filled with reckless deeds and adventure, instead of endless piles of dirty dishes and a smelly man's socks draped over the shower curtain. Ever since her first trip to the zoo as a kid, she had always had a special spot in her heart for animals, all kinds of animals, so when she spotted that ad in the classified section that blistering hot afternoon a month ago, it was only natural that she give it a try at least. Mr. Hawkins her boss now, said that it was her girlish enthusiasm and sincerity that landed it for her, but whatever it was, she was grateful. It had called for, simply, an "attractive young girl who loves animals for assistant's job with traveling zoo and animal show. See the American and Canadian west and get paid for it!" And now the job was her's, special assistant to Mr. Henry Hawkins at a hundred and fifty a week, all expenses paid. It was like a dream come true; Sarah was fearful of waking up and finding herself back in Blackjack with all those coarse, uninteresting people, listening to them talk of bits and derricks and barrels of oil until she died of old age, penniless and still stuck in that God-forsaken hole in the Mojave Desert. But it was indeed all real, not something she had fantasized out of sheer desperation. She had gone to see Mr. Hawkins, riding into town with Mr. Parker when he went to get the mail and supplies, and she never went back, not even to get her clothes. Mr. Hawkins hired her on the spot, and she swore old Mr. Parker to secrecy, as no one had seen them leave together. Her new boss seemed quite concerned about her marriage difficulties, and he even offered her an advance on her first week's salary so that she could buy a few new clothes and not have to spend another second with that coarse slug of a husband back in Blackjack. She did take the time to write her husband a letter, though, which was probably more than he deserved. Mr. Hawkins mailed it for her in Las Vegas when he had to drive up there on business. She could just imagine Jamie, red-faced and blustering, clad most likely in work jeans and steel-toed boots, storming into Las Vegas and demanding of someone, probably the first policeman he spotted, that they return his wife before he got really mad and wrecked the whole place. Jamie was like that, though he certainly had contained it well enough when he was courting her; he thought a wife was just another piece of property, like a monkey-wrench or an old comfortable pair of shoes, so he treated her accordingly. As near as he could figure it, being the wife of Jamie Olsen was a distinct privilege, something to be thankful for, and that should be enough to satisfy any woman. Nice clothes? Tenderness? A good life? Hell, that was for dudes and rich folks, not for Jamie. Hard dirty work and chasing the rainbow was all he knew, all his father and his father before him ever knew and Sarah hoped he would be happy with it now that he had it all to himself.

They were on the road now, somewhere north of the Canadian-U. S. border and rolling further toward the oil field and construction camps of the Northwest Territories. It was ironic, in a way, that Sarah had escaped from one oilworkers' town and was heading for another, but it wasn't the same this time. She was on the move; the show's schedule called for not more than two days in any location, so she would see lots and lots of scenery between stops. And besides, there would be dozens of interesting people to meet along their full season's schedule that brought them back, by the coming on of winter, to California, not just the few boring souls back in Blackjack who were always the same -- dull and uninteresting -- day in and day out. Sarah rode in the pickup with Mr. Hawkins and one of the animal trainers, a young kid named Sammy who was working his first season also with the show. There was a large camper body attached to the truck, with a tiny crawlway between the cab and the camper, so she could squirm through and get cokes or beer for them whenever the guys asked for it or sneak a few winks on the double bed that stretched over the roof of the pickup cab and gave her a panoramic view of the majestic Canadian Rockies as they passed on her right. Behind them, but not traveling in convoy because it was too dangerous in the event of an accident, were two other employees, Hawkins' right hand man, Al Badger, and the other woman who worked with the show, someone Sarah knew only as Gloria. They rode in an old station wagon that towed the trailer they seemed to share. And behind them, further still scattered back along their route, were the trucks, three of them, that carried the animals from the show. They had left the wintering site pretty soon after Sarah took the job, so she really hadn't spent much time with any of them, but they all appeared to be quite healthy and well-cared for and she was glad of that. She had had it in the back of her mind that some of these traveling menagerie shows did not take care of their caged animals, and Sarah wanted no part of any kind of abuse like that. She could not bear the thought of anyone mistreating a captive animal, or a wild one, for that matter. To her, that was as alien as beating an infant or whipping a child with a heavy leather belt. Maybe it was because of the way she had been so badly treated by her mother's second husband before she finally ran away and got married to the first jerk who offered a time-payment ring and had enough for the marriage license. Of course, she had not seen it in quite that light then, but it was becoming clearer now all the time as she sat quietly while Sammy and Mr. Hawkins took turns with the pickup, coming into focus like a television tube warming up. And it wasn't a picture she liked nor one she ever wanted to relive. This was all so exciting, a whole new world out there, and Sarah planned to see every inch of it.

Animal Girl Chapter 3

Hawkins had made arrangements ahead to have space available at a privately-owned campground outside Soda Creek, British Columbia for the show's vehicles, as the drive necessitated a stop halfway from the Canadian border to the first show stop across the territorial line into the Yukon. This would be their only overnight rest before the show arrived, as from here on, they would simply stop individually to change drivers, sleeping in their vehicles until they reached Line Creek, where they would set up for the resident families and transient workers engaged there in building a highway through to the coast. Hawkins was driving when they arrived, and after stopping for a back-slapping welcome from the campground's manager, a one-legged retired lumberjack named "Stump" Moran, he personally guided the vehicles into place for the night as they arrived. Sleeping arrangements were something her new employer had failed to really explain to Sarah, but she wasn't actually concerned, for Mr. Hawkins was obviously a harmless enough old eccentric, all wound up in his animals, busying himself like a leathery white-haired elf as he scurried from trailer to trailer and bedded everyone down for the night. Sarah offered her help, but Hawkins insisted that she remain in the camper. "Plenty of weak minds and strong backs for this kind of work," he had explained. When she suggested mat this might indeed be a perfect time for getting to know some of the others, Gloria particularly, as she was the only other woman along, Hawkins rebuffed her icily. It was strangely out of character for him, and Sarah was somewhat hurt when he "suggested" quite firmly that she find something to keep her occupied inside the trailer. Sarah was surprised at this sudden chill, but she took it calmly enough; after all, this had been a long tiring day and anyone, even nice old Henry Hawkins, was entitled to be a bit frayed around the edges. She was there in the pickup camper alone when he returned over an hour later. Only by finding a distant American radio station on the camper's receiver had she managed to stave off the worrying restlessness of boredom, but she was quite relaxed and contented now when he came back, and the warm smile on the middle-aged man's face put her even more at ease. "Sorry to have to leave you so long like this, Miss Olsen oh, excuse me, Mrs. Olsen, I forget you're still really married," apologized the middle-aged graying man quite sheepishly. Sarah found herself embarrassed by his shyness, his self-effacing manner. "Oh, don't give it another thought. I was quite happy, really. It's nice to be able to relax and enjoy the quiet of this beautiful countryside. And you ought to call me Sarah, then there wouldn't be any problem remembering that silly ol' Miss or Mrs. ," said Sarah smiling in relief at being back in his good graces again. Hawkins smiled at her suggestion and nodded, then opened the camper's refrigerator and pulled out a cold beer. "Want one?" he asked. "Nothing better'n beer to cut the dirt from a hard day's driving. " Sarah shook her head. "I know it sounds silly in this day and age, but I don't drink. Guess it was 'cause my pappa stepfather, actually drank so much and I grew up seeing the ugly side of liquor. Never really cared for it since I can remember. " The wrinkle-faced, sun-toughened old man grinned. "Yep, you're probably wise. Liquor never did anybody any real good, even the weak stuff like beer and wine. Still though, I guess I'm too old to change my evil ways now. " Sarah's lips eased into a smile at the thought of nice ol' Mr. Hawkins being evil. Christ, after some of the people she had known -- or the one she'd married -- he was like a man of the cloth. "You don't mind if I have this beer, do ya'?" he asked. "Of course not! I didn't mean for you to think I was some kind of do-gooder or something," she explained hurriedly, not wanting to risk offending her new boss. "I haven't got anything against drinking. I just don't like it for myself, that's all. Don't go getting any notions that I'm that kind of person!" Hawkins slowly turned his head from side to side, his eyes never leaving her for a second. "That's good, Sarah. 'Cause life gets a little bit tarnished sometimes traveling around the country like this. You don't have to become hardened to it, though, just be able to bend enough when the times comes, and you'll do nicely really nicely. " Sarah felt an unexpected chill run through her veins that quickening that tells you something isn't quite the way it should be. But that was outrageous, everything was better than it had been for her in years! She quickly shrugged it off and made herself another cup of coffee and sat down opposite Hawkins at the fold-down dining table opposite the galley-style kitchen. He reached up and turned on the gas mantle of the built-in lamp that hung on the wall beside them and held a paper match to the mantle until it burst into flame and settled into a white-hot glow that illuminated the cabin like an electric light bulb. They sat there in silence for an uncomfortably long time, Sarah curious and restless from the excitement of this new life unfolding for her so quickly, Hawkins quiet and pensive, his mind somewhere else as he gazed out the curtained window through the trees to the opposite clearing where his crew was busily making preparations for settling down for the night. There were voices carrying through the fifty yards or so that separated them from the others, mixed with the muffled sounds of stirring animals caged in their trailers as the trainer and Sammy moved from cage to cage, dispensing the night's ration of food and water, plus an occasional dose of vitamins or veterinary prescription to one or the other mildly ailing beasts. "Uh, I guess you're sort of used to all this traveling by now I mean, you've been to all these places before so many times probably," she said, feebly making some kind of conversation. Hawkins looked as if he had been very far away. "What? Oh, yes, you're absolutely right. But I never get tired of it all. This is the kind of life I was born for, and I don't ever aim to change. I guess I'll die one day up here on the road somewhere. Won't be nobody around to mourn over me 'cept Lobo. " "Lobo? That means wolf, doesn't it?" "Not only means it, he is a wolf. " "You've got a wolf? I didn't see him with the other animals. " Hawkins shook his head. "No, I don't keep him down in California. He stays up here with "Stump" during the winter, and I just take him with me when I come through. He's out by those trees there. Take a look, I think you can probably still see him. " Sarah peered out the fogged-over window, first wiping a spot clear with her fist. "Oh, you weren't teasing! There he is and he's not tied or anything!" "Tied! Lobo? He wouldn't stand for it. 'Sides I've raised him ever since he was a pup. One of our trucks accidentally killed his mother and I took him in. Had to feed him just like a natural baby for months. He and I are pretty good pals now, like I was his real pappa or something. " Sarah started to giggle at the thought of Mr. Hawkins fathering a timber wolf, but the look of misty-eyed seriousness on the old man's face cut her short. By God, he was serious, all right! That mean-looking animal out there running around loose was like a son to him! Well, anybody his age was due a few eccentricities, she supposed. If that was all she had to contend with, it wouldn't be hard at all. "When do I start work, Mr. Hawkins? I mean, when do I really start to do something? It's nice and all just sitting around, but I get sort of bored. You know what I mean?" she asked, her soft blue eyes twinkling. A slowly spreading grin worked its way through the sun-parched wrinkles around Hawkins' face. "Don't worry, honey. We'll have plenty for you to do soon enough. Hey, you sure you don't want a drink? I know one special I bet you'd like. " "Well, maybe just one. But I can't drink anything real strong. You'll have to make it kinda' weak for me or I'll get sick. " Henry Hawkins guffawed, reminding Sarah of some grizzled miner she'd once seen in an old Bogart movie, but she couldn't remember the name. "You break me up, girl! You're kinda' refreshing, like a breath of spring air around this bunch of drunks and dee-gen-erates. Don't worry, I'll fix you a special "

Animal Girl Chapter 4

Sarah knew even before that first mouthful had started a gentle glow in her belly that taking a drink at all was a terrible mistake. Jamie had told her once when they were going to a party that she should be doubly careful since she wasn't used to drinking and, unlike the more experienced, could not tell when she had had enough until it was too late. This stuff tasted good enough -- a "Cuba Libre" he called it, whatever that meant -- in fact, it was hard to taste anything other than the coke he made it with. She didn't know what else was in it, except for the slice of lemon she could see floating on top, because he had gone over to Gloria's trailer. "Don't have the mixin's here," he had explained. "Well, how do you like it?" he asked, her, his head cocked sort of apprehensively. "Okay it's sort of like a Coca-Cola with something warm in it, but the Coke's all I can really taste. " "Well, just take your time with it. You'll get used to it soon enough. Not that I'm trying to turn you into some sort of lush or something, mind you. But you'll probably need a drink once in a while when we really get rolling. It's pretty hectic around this show sometimes. " Sarah nodded. She wanted to ask him once again just exactly what her duties would be, but she thought better of it. He did not seem to be disposed to tell her very much right now, and Sarah figured it best to just let things ride as they were. After all, she was getting paid good money for doing nothing, so far, so who was she to complain? They talked for a while longer, Sarah mindful of the fact that her words were beginning to slur a bit around the edges and that some of her thoughts seemed to ramble a bit more than usual. But she wasn't drunk, she was certain of that. Maybe she was no experienced drinker, but she surely knew enough to know when to stop. Hawkins fixed her another and she reluctantly accepted it, and she thought for a moment it was a bit strange that he seemed to have everything he needed right here in the camper this time. But why worry? The night was cool and quiet, save for an occasional growl from one of the big cats or a roar from the show's big star, Jomo, the African gorilla, safely locked behind the double steel bars of his cage where she'd seen him -- just once -- before they left California. Hawkins rambled on a bit, relating how he had picked up the traveling show for a song from a Mexican couple who needed the money. He conveniently left out the rest of the story -- how they were desperate for money for their son's much-needed operation and he loaned it to them, taking the show as collateral. Hawkins was in the used furniture business then, as he called it, though his real trade was in taking over delinquent furniture store accounts and foreclosing for the goods and reselling it to Chicanos in Los Angeles. It had been a quite lucrative business, sometimes bringing the same goods back two or three times before he mistakenly sold them to someone who could actually hope to make the payments. That was a part of his life he didn't talk much about, particularly with new employees. People sometimes got the wrong idea. Just like when they called him heartless for taking the old couple's livelihood just because their only son died on the operating table, and they lacked the money to make their note payment on time. Hell, business is business, he always said, and if you can't take it, you shouldn't be in it. At least that was the way Henry Hawkins saw things -- he never believed in giving any quarter, just as he expected none if the chips happened to be on the opposite side. But it wasn't good to dwell too much on thoughts like that now there was something much more important at hand. Yes, this cute little thing was in for a real surprise. Just about another hour oughta' do it, he though. He nearly chuckled out loud as he thought of the look on Gloria's face as he dumped the powdery Spanish Fly into Sarah's syrupy rum and coke. There was always plenty of it in the veterinary cupboard for when they breeded the animals and for other little surprises like this one. Gloria had been the first, and she was getting close to the end of her prime now, though God knows she certainly didn't need any drugs to help her out now. Christ, she could fuck the balls off a dozen men before she got her second wind. But this one this one was sweet and still innocent. Marriage may have cost her her cherry, but she was just as pure as the day she turned sixteen, and that was just what the show needed. Oh yeah, little lady, you're in for a big surprise you'll probably wet those sweet white panties when you find out what's really in store for you, but you'll come around, they all do. And I'm gonna' have some real fun with you while you're making up your mind. Yes sir, some real fun!

Animal Girl Chapter 5

Gloria was waiting impatiently at the door of her silver-colored trailer when Hawkins returned from his camper. She was wearing a man's shirt tied to make a kind of halter and a pair of ragged jeans and boots, her usual around-camp wear. "Well, how'd it go, Henry? Hurry up, tell me!" she urged eagerly. Nearly an hour had passed since he came over here through the wooded thicket to dump that powerful aphrodisiac into the new blonde's drink, and she was beside herself with expectant curiosity. "She took it like mother's milk," he grinned in the macabre yellow glare of the trailer's outside bulb. "Shouldn't be long now. " "Ooo, I can hardly wait," the mid-thirtyish woman squealed. "Al, hey Al, Henry's back!" she yelled in that sort of hoarse whisper-shout of someone wishing to yell without being heard too far away. A pot-bellied slight balding man in his mid-forties shuffled groggily into view from the battered trailer's tiny bedroom. He was holding an open half-quart can of beer and an unlit cigarette was dangling from his lower lip. It stayed there as he spoke, held in place by the wetness of the beer he'd obviously just finished. "Went like clockwork, huh, Henry?" he inquired, dropping the emptied beer can into a plastic trash can lined with newspaper that was positioned by the bedroom door. "When you think she'll be ready? I wouldn't mind a piece o' her ass myself. Did you see those legs? And tits! Man, she's got a pair like one o' them fold-out girlies. " Gloria glared at him half seriously. "You just shut your mouth, Al Badger. You can't even satisfy the woman you've got, much less go spreading it around. " Henry laughed out loud and his employee's face momentarily flushed. "Shit, Gloria," said the heavier one with the tee-shirt that failed to cover his protruding belly. "It'd take half the men in Canada to satisfy you and you know it. " "Goddamn right, if they all had cocks like that scrawny one of your's!" she taunted. "Scrawny! You can go to hell, you ol' whore, I ain't never had any complaints before!" "Now, now, you two, save all that energy for later. And anyway, Gloria, you're gonna' be gettin' all the cock you can handle when we give that first show. " Gloria felt a shiver of anticipation run up her spine at just the thought. She'd done some pretty far-out things since signing up with Henry Hawkins, at least since he found out there wasn't any money in menagerie shows for kiddies and bored grownups. That was when he decided to add something new, something special just for the men-folks and an occasional thrill-seeking woman or two. That was where she came in -- the special show, the one that cost five dollars a head and was well worth it. She put one on, all right, left them with their tongues hanging out when she'd polished off that wolf of Henry's and sometimes a donkey if the crowd was right and she felt up to it. Not to mention the one or two she always took out of the audience, just to give the locals something to talk about after they'd pulled up and left. But sometime on this tour, they would try something new and different and even Gloria was nervous about how it would work out. "Gimme' a beer, Al, and I'll go back and see how our new little girl is doing with the something special I gave her. She oughta' be about to come in her pants about right now. " "How about it, Henry? You gonna' share this one now, or have I got to stand in line?" "Oh no, not tonight, it's too soon for that. But I tell you what -- you two come on over in a little while and take a look-see through that window over the sink. Maybe you'll get a little show, who knows!"

Sarah had already slipped out of her clothes and into a pale green nightie before Henry Hawkins walked the distance over to Al and Gloria's trailer. She was tired and sleepy and the couple of drinks her new boss fixed her made it even worse, so all she wanted was to get under those covers and close her eyes. But then it happened not all at once, but in little short spurts, brief quivering spasms of intense feeling and stimulation that coursed through her scantily-clad young body in surge after surge of frightening strangeness. It didn't worry her much at first; after all, it could have been anything -- the onset of some virus from all the travel and excitement, or maybe just her insides knotting up from the newness of all this or but there was soon no way of kidding herself. Something, indeed, had happened to her, just as surely as if a hidden switch inside her brain had been triggered open. First the feeling of blood rushing heatedly to her belly, then the tingling spreading upward through her thighs, then to her lushly quivering breasts where they reddened slightly and began to swell with an excitement all their own. And then her tiny young nipples began to throb as if in wicked perverse accompaniment to the unknown song of quickening desire that was somehow welling inside her at this very moment. Her mind reeled for a moment and then her confused thoughts, blurred by the effects of the unaccustomed liquor, began to come together in one frightening melange of apprehension and suspicious fear. What is happening to me? Something's wrong maybe I've been poisoned. Yes, that's it, poisoned! No, that can't be right, who would poison me? Maybe it's the liquor, maybe I'm allergic to something in those drinks. "You sick or somethin', Sarah?" She jumped half a foot off the camper floor at the sudden intrusion; turning, startled, she saw that Mr. Hawkins had let himself in through the unlocked door and was standing there in the doorway only a few feet away. Only she couldn't see him, at least not clearly. He was more a smeared, shapeless mass to her blurry eyes than the man she remembered from just a short while ago. "You scared me. I didn't know you were coming back," she said slowly and deliberately, wondering if the words sounded the same on the other side of her lips as they did to her. She was shaking her head from side to side, as if that might clear the murkiness from her mind and enable her to think clearly once again "Sorry, honey," he smiled. "I guess I should have knocked. Didn't know you were getting ready for bed. " He glanced down along the scarcely concealed smooth curves of her voluptuous young body, her high jutting breasts and long shapely legs clearly visible to his obviously appraising stare. She crossed her arms over her firmly ripened breasts and stirred uncomfortably, uneasy under the suddenly coldness of his gaze. "I I guess I must have a bit of an upset stomach. Maybe it's the change in scenery. I've heard it can do that to you, huh?" "That's right, Sarah, just a little virus or something," he said warmly, and she quickly felt reassured, though no less uncomfortable standing here like this. He might have been old enough to be her father, but that was no fatherly look in his eyes when he first came in. "Better let me take a look. I'm no doctor, but traveling around like I do in the back country, I've had to pick up a bit of medicine just to keep all my folk in one piece. Not to mention all the vet'rinary learning I've managed to accumulate. " "Oh, I'm all right. It's n-nothing," she stammered nervously as he stepped toward her. She was afraid of him -- she didn't like this new chilling hardness in his eyes. It was incredible -- even when he talked so sweetly, it was still there. It couldn't have been there before or maybe she just didn't see it then. "P-please, really, it's just a cold or something. I'll go on to bed and I'll be as fit as can be in the morning, honest!" A menacing, yellow-toothed grin opened his face like it had been hacked with a cleaver. "Just the same, I better take a look. Can't be too careful, you know. " The rough-skinned man stepped toward her, and the terrified young blonde backed hastily toward the rear of the camper, as if some sort of security were offered by the wall at her back, though there was no way out except through the door behind Hawkins or through the tiny crawlway into the truck cab which was out of the question. She stopped moving backwards only when her back touched the back wall, her neck just below the edge of the bed that was above the truck cab. There was nowhere else to go. Suddenly, with no warning, he reached out to her and, with a coarse sneering laugh, gripped the flimsy gauze-like sheerness of her ni ghtie in one calloused hand and, with a quick twist, yanked the thin garment from her smooth shoulders, ripping it in half like it was a strip of toweling. She stood all but naked before his eagerly probing eyes, as much confused and astonished as frightened, only the soft protruding mound of her drug-inflamed vagina still hidden from his cold appraising stare by her thin panties. "Please, please," she begged, and her melon-firm breasts heaved with every agonizing plea. "You can't mean this, Mr. Hawkins! This isn't right, you just can't! Please!" Tears streamed from the corner of her eyes as she hoarsely begged for mercy, but there was not a hint of hesitation in the older man's eyes he knew what he wanted, and he would get it. It was just a matter of time. "Why, Missy, I reckon' I just don't know what you're talking about," he drawled, affecting his finest Georgia-cracker tone and looking not-at-all dumb and innocent of any wrong-doing. He grinned wider as his hand seemed to absent-mindedly roam along the inside of his pants leg. Sarah's eyes widened in genuine fright when she spotted the rapidly-swelling bulge that grew right before her eyes along the inside of his thigh. "You oughta' be gettin' about right," he leered. "Notice anything different the last half-hour or so?" Sarah's thoughts whirled dizzily I haven't been poisoned, I' been drugged! That's why I feel so strange! I can see it now he put something in my drink! His open palm touched her nakedly quivering breast, his fingers brushing lightly against her upturned, quivering nipple. A shiver of terror and revulsion rippled through her chest and tied knots in her trembling belly. Maybe if she had been less frightened, less caught-unaware, she would have noticed better the still-growing, festering something that had plagued her senses earlier. But Sarah could not fully grasp it, could not begin to comprehend the depth of her ensnarement now she was trapped, tied, and bound as surely as if by a dozen fetters -- and fast on her way to the deepest, vilest depths of human depravity and there was no way on earth to stop it! "No please, n-no, Mr. Hawkins," she trembled. "You've had too much to drink or something. You-you're not yourself please, just leave me alone and we'll forget this ever happened, please!" Sarah knew her plight was not totally hopeless; there was still a hope left for her. Maybe he would leave her alone after all. Maybe if she could just grit her teeth and let him touch her, just hold back the nausea and revulsion long enough to let his dirty fingers course over her warm, naked flesh, maybe that would satisfy him and the nice Mr. Hawkins she knew before would take his rightful place again. She knew even to think such things was wrong, but what choice was there? She could scream for help but everyone within earshot was an employee of this man, dependent on him for bread and their very survival. How could they be expected to aid her, a total stranger, at the expense of their own livelihoods? Of course, maybe he would leave her alone and just go away if she screamed, but that would be the end of her job. That would mean being dumped up here, penniless, in the wilds of northern Canada or worse still, having to go back to Jamie in Blackjack, head-hung, and begging for forgiveness. No, I won't go back there, no matter what, I can't go back to Jamie. That's over and done, and I've got to make this new life work or there's nowhere left for me to go. I've got to got to! Perhaps a more experienced woman, craftier in the ways of the world and of desiring men, would have seen the futility in those thoughts, seen the hopelessness of such a choice and have taken off on a new tack, leaving all this and her past, too, behind. Maybe even Sarah Olsen herself could have made a clearer-headed decision that night if she hadn't been doped on enough Spanish Fly to drive a dozen women insane with animal lust but the decision was made, the die was cast, and Sarah Olsen took the one last step that catapulted her into a shadowy world she didn't know existed, one that might be the only one she would ever know.

Animal Girl Chapter 6

Henry Hawkins was out of his pants and undershorts before Sarah realized what was happening. It was all like some kind of scene from a bad movie, all a quick dizzying blur as she watched the man disrobe through eyes glazed and heavy with the drug and with the strong liquor. He was naked now from the waist to his ankles, still wearing his black socks that fell down around the tops of his shoes in a tired heap. He made a truly ludicrous spectacle standing there, looking for all the world like a character in an ancient stag movie, only minus the mask and hair-line mustache. But Sarah was in no position to laugh she was trapped through her own carelessness and stupidity and, short of running home like a scared little girl to Jamie, there was nothing to do but face up to him, do as he asked and hope that she could live with herself when it was over. The whole front of his lower body looked to be covered with hair, a thick woolly fur that thickened and curled around his thighs and loins. His hand fondly rubbed his long dangling penis hanging from the coarse thicket and, as if he had given some secret inner command, it really began to swell and grow, leaping in spasmodic jerks into full, threatening rigidity. That same evil grin, only now more of a growingly triumphant sneer, spread lewdly across his face as his lust-hardened shaft grew even larger and thicker. "Not bad for an old man, huh, miss?" he chuckled. "Bet that ol' man you left behind in California couldn't match it inch for inch in a million years, right?" There was no reply from the frightened blonde. "Answer me, bitch! It's quite a cock, huh?" Sarah gulped down her fear and nodded. "Y-Yes, yes, it is," she murmured hoarsely. "Come on over here and feel it, baby. You needn't be afraid. " Almost as if she didn't have a mind of her own Sarah obediently moved closer, reluctantly, both hands over her breasts still, as they rose and fell anxiously in her fright and apprehension. "Go on, touch it!" He grabbed one of her arms and pulled it down close to his massively throbbing cock, and she opened her fingers just as his own tightened painfully around her delicate wrist. Her fingertips brushed along its hot, awesome length and the menacing monster seemed to grow even thicker, though that would have seemed impossible. Sarah felt the proper revulsion, as she knew she ought to, but there was something deep inside her insides she couldn't quite define as yet, something that seemed like a candle lit far down in the dark sanctuary of her belly, only a tiny warm glow, but somehow bearing the threat of bursting into a raging inferno at any minute. That was the only way to describe it she marked it up as fear and nausea, but in the back of her mind she knew there must be another explanation. "Get down on your knees!" came the unexpected barked command, and the frightened young blonde only looked back at her superior with disbelieving eyes. She thought she had prepared herself for the worst, that maybe she would have to sacrifice all her decency and let this man touch her to satisfy his filthy lust, but this this was beyond all humanity! He couldn't mean what she thought, he couldn't! Even with Jamie she had never done such a thing. It was vile and degenerate, the kind of thing whores do for money, not decent people. She wouldn't she couldn't! Nothing, no countless hours of fear and worry, could have prepared the terrified young girl for what the lecherous Hawkins did next. His hand darted forward, his face still snarled in the contemptuous knot of hate and lust mixed obscenely, and Sarah reacted instinctively, fully expecting to catch the brunt of an awful, punishing blow for her disobedience to his wanton will. But it wasn't a cruel fist or stinging palm that crossed her flesh instead he only closed his fingers around the full, ripe mound of her breast and then skillfully manipulated the nakedly sensitive flesh, bringing out the desire effect in her like a musician tuning up his instrument. Her arm shot up to push his hand away, but she caught herself in mid-stride. That certain something strange inside her again had grown suddenly more powerful and commanding, and whatever it was told her forcefully to leave his fingers where they were. Feeling the weird sensations in her abdomen growing more and more intense, spreading inside her like fire spreads in a tree, from one limb to another until the whole organism is aflame with a raging holocaust of intensity, Sarah was amazed to find herself unable to resist his command. Obediently, instinctively somehow, she sank to her knees as if her legs had become boneless, and found herself at his feet, naked save for her little white panties, and totally vulnerable now at this depraved man's merciless whim. She tried not to look at his nakedness, to shut her eyes and keep away the nauseating reality of the presence of his long hard penis. She could feel its heatedly throbbing tip brushing against her forehead, nuzzling through the fine spray of her blonde bangs. It was fully erect now, and the lust-swollen head was completely out of its elastic sheath and poised ready for what she knew now was inevitable. Yet strangely, she could scarcely sense her fear at all it was as if all her emotions had been blocked out by some powerful drug. All, that is, except one and that one was making itself unbearably apparent inside her belly as a sudden itching sensitiveness spread over her hidden private parts like an epidemic pox. It was more and more obvious what this strangeness inside her was, or what it was becoming, but she refused to give in to it, refused to acknowledge its strength and her own surrender. "What the hell are you waiting for, you silly bitch? Haven't you ever sucked a cock before? You suck this one just like you suck one of them scrawny little ones you're used to. " Sarah turned her flaming face away from the massively pulsating shaft that was level now with her face. Her eyes were closed, partly from fear and partly from shame. "Hurry it up, cunt! Get those sweet lips around it or I'll stick it all the way down to your belly and choke you on it. Now move!" He had not really planned to get so rough with her, usually with the Spanish Fly, it wasn't necessary Goddamn it, why doesn't that shit work! He grabbed the side of her head, his fingers twisted in her hair and positioned her right in front of his lust-hardened cock. Still her wetly trembling lips were closed and his fingers wound viciously in her silken blonde hair until she cried out from the sudden, searing pain that shot across her scalp. It felt as if all her hair were being yanked out by the roots. "You'd better open up, baby! Right now!" Without thinking, her ripe young lips parted and he rammed his thick pole of hardened flesh home, slamming it forward with a quick snap of his loins. The hotly throbbing penis slid over her tongue and rammed against the back of her throat, poking painfully against the tender untried flesh of her virginal throat passage. She gagged on its immense thickness and choked for air, but he wasn't satisfied yet. "Relax those throat muscles and behave yourself, girl relax 'em, or I'll ram it out your asshole!" Sarah gasped an unintelligible plea, unable to breathe as the long hot hardness filled her mouth and throat completely, leaving no room at all for air to enter her lungs. Seeing no other way but total obedience to his perverted demands, she managed to relax her throat a bit, and to her amazement, the heatedly throbbing cock now squirmed easily down her open throat channel. She could feel it far down in her, filling her completely, impaling her through her tightly ovalled lips as she stretched her mouth to accommodate his massive hardness. She was lower now than the lowest, she had sunk to the very bottom depths of this pit of wanton wickedness she had made for herself. She had become, in a matter of minutes, less than human nothing more than a receptacle for this depraved animal's seething lust. She felt the tears on her cheeks, but she could not stop them now. There seemed nothing else to do but get it over with as soon as possible. She knew that to delay was sheer folly God only knew what might happen to her if she crossed him now. Oh, please let this be a dream! Hawkins watched her carefully, noting every movement, every naked precious inch of her tender young body. His hands slid to her bare shoulders; they were soft, warm, like rare velvet. He could feel the shame-hardened tips of her erect little nipples, crowning fleshy peaks of her firmly ripened breasts that jutted out and rubbed sensuously against his bare legs. He grabbed her head again and worked her wetly ovalled lips back and forth faster on his immense choking cock. She took the cue quickly, not wanting to rile his savage lust any higher, ready to do anything to end this horrible vile act and free her to try to find an excuse to live another minute. "Mmmmmmmm, that's real nice, a whole lot better, baby. Now suck it real hard harder 'n hell, real hard!" Sarah gagged every time the long hard cock tunneled down her throat passage, brushing the sides of her gullet, filling the narrow channel with its huge, blood-engorged head. She could feel the muscles of her throat involuntarily milking the hot, vicious shaft with every downward thrust, and she could see what an effect it was having on this madman. She could feel his heatedly pulsating penis grow even harder, even thicker as swirling, lust-heated blood filled the turgid organ and a seething pool grew more and more inflamed in his heavy, leathery balls. "C'mon, baby, I'm almost there!" Those words stopped her heart, froze her still with the agonizing disgust of a helpless, ravished gutter slut. God, almighty, he was going to do it! He was going to shoot his heated, lustful sperm deep down into her helpless throat. Oh my God, what can I do? What can I do? Though Sarah was not aware of it, she and the lustful old man had an audience just a few scant feet away. Through the window above the camper's galley kitchen, through the couple of inches of glass that wasn't covered with opaque curtain, Gloria and Al stood on tiptoe, heads one above the other, vying for the best view of the incredibly lascivious show going on like some porno movie inside this tiny screen. Jesus, they both thought, is that broad ever beautiful. Those tits and those legs! Man, what a body! Gloria was every bit as excited by this wickedly exciting performance as her sometime-boyfriend, Al. Damn, she thought in her hidden inner passions, I'd like to give that honey a ride myself. And maybe tonight's my chance. I've kept my little secret desires to myself too long! She felt Al's bare hand slip up under her mini dress as she tiptoed up to see into the camper. As usual, she wasn't wearing panties, and she only squirmed a bit and let out a muffled giggle as his outstretched middle finger found her already-moist slit. She opened her thighs to give him better leverage and breathed deeply to hold back her gasp of surprise, for he was suddenly far up inside her, probing hungrily inside her wet, hotly excited cuntal sheath. She looked into his eyes for a moment, taking her gaze away for only a second from the wonderfully salacious spectacle of this young blonde chick with a body like a Vegas showgirl down on her knees like some two-dollar skid-row whore, her boss's thick, wetly glistening penis shoved so far down her throat that his pubic hairs brushed her nose and cheeks with every thrusting shove. "Don't get me too horny, baby," she whispered softly into his ear, her cheek against his unshaven bristle. "This might be a long, long night!"

Animal Girl Chapter 7

Hawkins felt the flood coming like a Bay of Bengal tidal wave he made no attempt to hold it back; he'd waited long enough for this moment. He hoped it would come in quarts -- buckets full -- he hoped his lust-swollen balls would disgorge great sticky gobs of sperm, a hot, sticky river to flood her belly and break the young bitch in right. Yes sir, this little blonde had better get in step quick, 'cause she's got a hell of a career coming right up. He'd give her something to keep in mind, something she'd long remember as his load sloshed in her belly. His hands squeezed her head vice more, holding her pinned tight up against his pumping loins, her face crushed in his sweaty pubic hair. He pushed far, far down her throat, straining as if to bury the aching head of his wildly jerking cock in her very belly. Here it comes he could feel it starting its long, deliciously-painful run down the long turgid shaft of his penis. He stopped dead as it reached the swollen, hard-throbbing knob at the end, paused for an eternity, then exploded against the sides of her working throat and swirled down into her belly in thick, gulping waves. "Now, honey, now! Suck it like it was your mama's tit, baby! Every last drop! Suck, damn you, suck!" Sarah swallowed again and again and again, every choking gulp oozing down her throat like a thick creamy soup. Her mind was spinning like a child's top; and she was lost for the moment in her own despair and self-debasement when ' it happened that gnawing hot flame that had been bothering her like a fly around her head was now raging out of control. In her shame and humiliation, her utter subjugation, she had failed to be aware of its sudden all-consuming intensification. Oh God, yes, it's burning inside me I feel strange, so strange and and oh dear God, I want it! What's happened to me! I want this sperm, this vile seething torrent, I want every previous drop inside me! And I want his cock oh merciful God, I want any cock! Please, I need one in me so bad! It's burning me up inside! The flames of drug-induced desire had spread from the junction of her nakedly trembling thighs up the plane of her belly and into the very throbbing pink tips of her erect little nipples. She fondled them frantically with her fingers, then, lost completely now in her wild and' sudden frantic passion, felt her own hand slide down inside her panties and begin to tenderly stroke the folds of warm, wet flesh around the achingly-tender clitoris. She felt her hotly quivering vaginal lips open of their own accord and a flood of her own passion juices seeping down the insides of her sleek upper thighs as she sucked hard, incredibly hard. She was sucking now because she wanted to. she wanted all of his hot viscous discharge to spurt down her throat, as if it somehow might quench the flames of animal wantonness that were raging so fiercely now in her belly. She swallowed in gushing, sloshing waves of savage hot fluid. Her arms were suddenly behind his thighs, holding his naked loins to her lips, then her fingers stroked his sinewy asscheeks, caressed his anus. An instant later, darting furtively, they were on his rapidly emptying testicles, caressing them, squeezing them delicately, until every last drop was drained into her throat. "You're finally there, you whore! Suck it like the slut you are, suck it!"

When Sarah finally managed to get her eyes opened and focused again, Hawkins had put his pants back on and was zipping up his pants. Suddenly she realized that her hand was still inside her own panties, that she was openly and wantonly fondling herself, but she couldn't stop. God, it feels so good! I'm so hot inside so hot. I need a man inside me there, any man! "P-Please " Her lips were parched dry and the word came out like a dying gasp of someone lost on the desert in the burning sun. "Don't l-leave me like like this," she begged, but he only laughed at her, sneering down at her as she writhed helplessly on the shag-carpeted floor. "You've had all you're gonna' get for now, honey," he grinned evilly. "But I'll be back. " And with that he opened the camper door and was gone. Sarah felt the tears return to her eyes, but she didn't care any longer. Hurrying, frantic with all the frenetic passion of a teenager about to be made love to for the first time, she lifted her smoothly rounded buttocks from the floor and pulled her panties down her firm young thighs, over her supple calves, and tossed them aside. Gone now was that shred of decency she had retained gone was any fragment of modesty or shame. Nothing mattered now but this burning agony up inside her that ached -- screamed -- for fulfillment. Her fingers spread the fleshy moist ridges of her cunt and found the quivering, nerve-packed bud of her clitoris. Her whole body snapped like the end of a bullwhip when she made that first electric contact. "Yes oh dear God, yes!" And through the half-covered kitchen window, three eagerly attentive faces watched with undisguised excitement as this ravenously beautiful young blonde brought herself up and over that delicious pinnacle of self-fulfillment. They watched, eyes wide with glee, as she arched off the floor, escaping her half-parted lips as one hand frantically rubbed through the moistness of her ravenous cleft and over the bud of her gleaming little clitoris; the fingers of her other hand were sunk deeply and satisfyingly up inside her hot, hungrily clasping vagina. For a moment, no one even breathed outside the camper window. Then, Henry Hawkins finally spoke. "Don't worry that little bit o' foolin' around won't hardly be enough. No sir, she's gonna' need a lot more tonight. A lot more!"

Animal Girl Chapter 8

"I say we get on with it, dammit! We've waited long enough, Henry. Shit, she might have gotten over that dose of Spanish Fly you gave her and gone to sleep by now!" Al Badger was pacing the floor of his trailer like one of the caged animals, waving his arms, gesturing, walking back and forth until he had both his companions as nervous and high-strung as he. "Oh, all right, Al," said Hawkins finally, getting out of his well-worn chair. "I can't take much more of your pacing anyhow. She oughta' be 'bout right by now. I guess I was a mite too soon before. It hadn't really took. " Gloria hah-hahed a questioning laugh. "She looked pretty much into it to me. From where we stood she seemed about to suck your guts out through that prick of your's. Or didn't you notice?" "Oh, stop being a wise-ass, Gloria," snapped Hawkins. "You're just jealous 'cause she's better looking than you, that's all. It just sticks in your craw that Al and me are so damn fired up about fuckin' that sweet littl' thing, don't it? You'd rather we stayed here and put the meat to your ol' wornout ass, ain't that right?" he teased her viciously. "No, not really," retorted the older blonde haughtily, "But maybe I'll get a bit of the action myself. There are other ways, you know. Haven't you guys heard of women's lib? We girls don't need you any more. " Henry and Al just looked at each other, dumb-founded. They'd seen Gloria do just about anything you could think of with a man or an animal, but they'd never seen her go at it with another woman. Now this might be something really interesting, they were both thinking. "Just one thing, Gloria," began Henry. "Yeah, what's that?" "Don't come on too strong, you know what I mean? Like maybe it would be better if you sort of pretend you're being forced into it, understand?" The toothy blonde grinned and her eyes sparkled. "I get you! So she'll think we're in it together, right?" "Right. That way she's got a friend to lean on sort of. You never know with this Spanish Fly. It affects broads in the strangest ways. I've seen 'em go stark raving bananas, so we can't be too careful. Remember, we want her for the sex circus, and she's no good to us if she flips her lid, okay?" Al and Gloria both nodded solemnly -- he was right, they'd been looking a long time for just the right girl, one with that look of innocence the men in the audience always go for and one with no ties or family waiting somewhere for the chance to go to the police after the first postcard from their dear child. Yes, this one was perfect, all right, and it wouldn't do to blow the whole operation at this late date. Hawkins' face suddenly lighted. "Should we take Lobo? Think she's ready for it?" His friends' answer showed in their eyes Ready or not, she was in for a big surprise!

Sarah was lying fitfully on the convertible bed when the three people and, the great yellow-eyed wolf entered the camper; she was squirming from side to side like some poor soul with an attack of appendicitis. Only the three of them knew it wasn't her appendix that was inflamed and about to burst it was her tight little pussy! "P-Please leave me alone just leave me, please," she whimpered feebly, her words barely coming from her throat as her whole body filled with husky yearnings of her incredible, unrequited passion. "Now you don't really mean that, honey," grinned Hawkins down at her as she lay there writhing like a bug stuck with a pin. "We all came over for a a little party. Ain't that right, Gloria?" "Yeah, if you say so, Henry. Only I don't like the looks of this. Something's wrong with this girl, Henry. You didn't say nothing about this," she said very seriously, playing her part as skillfully as a professional. "Aw, c'mon, Gloria, we just want some fun, that's all. Maybe you'd like to be first with our little friend here. She seems to be in need of some help right now. " "No, Henry, I won't have any part of it," she spat convincingly at her employer. "Oh, but you will now get your clothes off!" "Henry, no, I can't!" Henry took a step forward and raised his fist as if to strike her across the face. Beside him, the vicious looking wolf growled menacingly while the naked young blonde, mindless of her nakedness, mindless of everything save this agonizing burning inside her belly, watched curiously. After a moment's standoff, the older blonde woman seemed to relent and began, reluctantly and hesitantly, to take off her clothes. Even in her mindless stupor, Sarah was conscious enough to be surprised at the older woman's nicely-formed, fully-developed body. It was the body of a sensually mature woman, that much was certain as different from her own as an Italian sex symbol's figure might be from a ripening young model. Both of them were beautiful in their own rightful womanly voluptuousness and ripened, opposite pert young womanhood. Henry pointed to Gloria, "You lie down there on that bed on your back so's I can see all your sweets. " Gloria didn't argue; she climbed onto the yard-high bed that was longer than she was, stretched out, and lay perfectly still, not voicing any objections. He grabbed both her ankles, and she closed her eyes tightly, looking for all the world to be as frightened as the younger girl at her side. Henry seemed to have something else in mind for them, and he started by spreading her legs apart with his hands, opening up the pink, hair-lined slit of her pussy so that he and his pal could see her wetly pouting cuntal lips. "You " He meant Sarah. " get up there with her, kinda' kneeling like, with your head other way. I wanna' see some sixty-nining, you know what I mean?" The words seemed hard for him to speak, and he hesitated at the very mention of this act he obviously deemed something special, a rare and treasured moment for him to witness. Sarah obeyed, also without any hesitation; that look on his face was worth a dozen threats. She placed her knees at Gloria's sides and kneeled on all fours as she was ordered, then waited for his next perverted instruction. Her full ripe breasts dangled freely beneath her as she knelt and as Gloria breathed in and out, they lightly touched the older woman's naked belly; the pink nipples tingled and quivered, but this time not with excitement, but with revulsion and dread. She'd never really thought about doing anything like this; she knew it went on, but she never thought she'd be part of it. It was an unthinkable act to Sarah, something she couldn't remember even fantasizing about, even in her wildest schoolgirl daydreams. The very thought of it turned her stomach but she knew what he wanted her to do. She knew what lewd despicable act he wanted the two of them to perform, spread out here naked on this platform like two performers in a stag club. She tried not to think about it, to resign herself to getting it over with as quickly as he would allow, to keeping her mind off it but it was harder and harder to face as the seconds ticked by. "Well, what're you waitin' for? Get on with it!" growled Hawkins, now only a couple of feet away with his vicious four-legged companion at his side. The wolf obviously hated her perhaps only because she was a woman, but Hawkins was holding him securely by his heavy collar to keep him back, without that restraint he looked fierce enough to tear them both apart without much effort. Sarah tried to speak, but the words hung in her dry throat; she managed finally to cough them out. "Please, I can't I've never done anything like this before. I wouldn't even know how!" Her pleas obviously were falling on deaf ears, but Gloria saved her the trouble of another futile try. "Don't worry, I'll show you what they want us to do," she offered, stretched flat on her back beneath her friend. "Just do what I do and you won't get hurt " She looked to the men questioningly. "Right?" Hawkins grinned a gleaming, gold-splashed grin that answered her question, and Gloria proceeded to carry out the orders these man had given her. She could see all of Sarah's naked young body kneeling over her's, see the full, womanly breasts that teasingly brushed her abdomen if she breathed hard enough to bring it that high; the slim, creamy thighs that blended so smoothly with the bottom-crease of her ass were just a few inches from her face now. And the warmly perfumed pussy slit nestled so invitingly there above her in the fleecy down of Sarah's soft pubic mound. Yes, Gloria told herself, this scene has something going for it, something nice, real nice She reached up and locked her hands around the delicate curve of the young blonde's back and pulled her naked pelvis toward her hungrily parted lips. Sarah hesitated at first, Gloria could feel her tense and pull away. But a reassuring sound was all the girl needed, and she relaxed, allowing her loins to be lowered to Gloria's face. A visible shiver raced through Sarah's body as Gloria's slightly puckered lips touched the damp furrow of her heatedly throbbing pussy; Gloria felt a tickling sensation as the softly curling pubic fluff brushed her nose. Closing her eyes, she pressed her parted wet lips hard against the ragged, rose-colored lips of the girl's vagina. She felt her tense again, her thigh muscles grow hard and sinewy. After a moment though, Sarah followed her lead and lowered her own lips until her head was cradled against the flat plan ye of Gloria's abdomen and touching the soft, hair-covered pubic mound. Sarah tentatively, cautiously, kissed the fragrant cleft up between Gloria's legs, fully aware of the shivers that her gentle touch sent through the older woman's belly. It wasn't as bad as she'd expected, though she was still fighting to hold back the choking nausea in her throat. She mimicked her friend's actions perfectly, and as Gloria began to nibble tenderly on the soft flanges of her pussy, she returned with the same delivered to the woman's naked loins. She tried not to think, to force her mind to remain a blank, to somehow keep her sanity in an insane nightmare by forcing it out of her thoughts. But it was hopeless she couldn't escape the truth of what she was doing. She couldn't escape the lustful stares these two men were raking her naked young body with she could not hide from the shame and utter humiliation of this wanton, salacious act she was being forced to be a part of. It was all so incredibly unreal, so unbelievably crazy that she wondered if it were real, she wondered if she'd lost her mind hours ago, that this insane day in her life might be some psychotic fantasy. This can't be really happening, I have to wake up from all this and find that it never happened! But she didn't wake up and it was very, very real. Gloria's hungry mouthing between heridespread thighs grew more and more frenetic, more intense, and though she wondered at the woman's sudden eagerness, she reciprocated without hesitation, and like Gloria, burrowed her tongue between the hotly moistened slit hidden between the soft outer cuntal lips. Gloria's tongue snaked rapidly in and out of Sarah's pussy-cleft and though she tried to suppress it, the girl found her whole body beginning to writhe and squirm from the wickedly lascivious tonguing her fevered young slit was receiving. Gloria's wetly quivering tongue fucked in and out of her narrow pink passage, prodding the sensitive walls of her pussy with lizard-like, darting movements that caused the drugged girl to shiver each time the hotly licking tongue scraped across her sensitive flesh. She eased her own licking pace, only to be prodded by the single poke from Hawkins to her ribs. She burrowed back between her girlfriend's warmly pulsating pussy-lips, nibbling the pinkish flanges of her cunt with renewed vigor and feigned enthusiasm, only this time there was something different, some weak, signaling sensation she couldn't yet pinpoint, yet she knew it was there. Oh, no. It can't be! That feeling in my belly! I can't be enjoying this, it's wrong, it's evil and filthy! I can't let myself feel this way, I can't! She tried to fight it off, to suppress the unnatural, wantonness she was sensing as it stirred in her loins, but the drug wouldn't let her. It was hardly noticeable at first, but it seemed that the harder she fought it, the stronger it became. Gloria sensed the girl's sudden awakening and wasted not a second taking advantage of this new opportunity; she didn't care about the men watching, those bastards could get their kicks any way they wanted them. She was getting all the satisfaction she needed from feeling Sarah squirm as she held her arms locked around the small of her back, forcing her writhing young crotch down against her probing, sucking, nibbling lips. Lips that searched every pore, every yielding crevice of the blonde's softly clasping pussy, warmed their wet way into the warmly clasping tunnel and flicked playfully at the tiny throbbing bud of her clitoris. Sarah wasn't the only one feeling the effects of the prolonged oral fucking session; Gloria could feel the delicious heat welling in her own pelvis, and she knew it wouldn't take much more of the young blonde's suddenly voracious pussy-nibbling to drive her up the wall. She gripped Sarah's naked hips tighter and ground her whole face into the wantonly writhing girl's hot, damp pussy, ramming her long wet tongue far up into the hotly clasping cuntal sheath. Gloria was nearing the brink, she found it more and more difficult to concentrate on her relished task, so great were the waves of lascivious pleasure that were coursing through her own naked body. She suddenly, and without warning, locked her long legs around Sarah's neck, forcing the young blonde's sucking wet lips tighter in against her burning, hungry orifice. "Goddamn, look at 'em go to it!" exclaimed Al, a look on his face like a big, stupid grizzly. "I ain't ever seen nothin' like that! Goddamn, go to it! Go to it!" His face and that of his companion were only inches from the girls' nakedly squirming bodies, their sweat-covered flesh glistening in the harsh glow of the overhead bulb. Henry's savage animal, Lobo, was sitting on the command at his side, a permanent vicious snarl on his lips that seemed to grow louder as the girls locked together in a wanton, forbidden embrace, their arms and legs intertwined and their moistly working lips bringing each other wave after delicious wave of profane, salacious pleasure. Sarah tried to lose her thoughts, her anguished emotions, in the task at hand, and energetically sucked and kissed and licked just as Gloria was doing to her own pussy. Soon the two women were ground together as one, a sobbing, moaning tangle of naked female flesh, forced into this despicable act by the brutality of these men, but finding a depth of feeling, a pinnacle of passion they'd never known before; neither was fighting it now, and it looked almost as if the moaning young girl had taken the initiative. She was lost in the wickedness, the prohibited pleasure, and all thought of her captors were gone from her mind. Suddenly, Gloria let loose a startling, silence-shattering cry straight from her anguished loins, "OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH! I'm cumming, don't stop, please! I'm cumming!" and her nakedly voluptuous body heaved and thrashed wildly beneath Sarah's weight. Gloria's nail gripped the smooth curves of the younger blonde's hips and held her loins tight against her wetly nibbling lips. She sucked hard and fast, chewing like a starved beast on the fleshy red lips and the erectly quivering bud of her clitoris she could feel the girl was teetering on the brink of cumming, she knew a few more seconds would push her over, she sucked and kissed and licked the hotly pulsating pussy until "Aaaaggh? Ah ah aaaahhh I'm cumming. " Sarah was shrieking as the hurricane of passion demented her young body and mind. "Aaaaaagggghhhhh! Yes! Yes!" Gloria cried out as she completed the enjoyable task of bringing the blonde to total, blissful fulfillment. Their nakedly quivering bodies were as one, they locked and fused together along the length of their smooth, unbroken curves, drawn to this absolute subjugation, this act of debasement before two hungrily watching men, their lushly ripened bodies wriggling and squirming together in the abandoned, passionate desperation of mutual raging girl-lust. Finally, their orgasms spent and emptied, they fell, Sarah collapsing across the length of Gloria's nakedness. She wanted to cry from the awful shame of it, but she couldn't, the tears weren't any longer crying would no longer offer her sanctuary.

Henry and Al sat down on a couple of chairs, spent and exhausted from what they'd just lived through. This was better than they'd expected, and they knew it was going to be better before the night was over. Henry had his eyes already on the young blonde one, that little blow job was just an appetizer and an hors d'oeuvre. He was going to put his thick aching rod in that gorgeous creature's pussy, going to feel the blood-throbbing knob of his cock far up in her tight little cunt, going to skewer her like a barbecue bird and fuck her until she begged for more. He'd have her pleading for another few seconds on the end of his prick, she'd be at his feet begging he'd show her, girls like them had taunted him all his life, always just out of reach with their tight-fitting sweaters and their perfumed hair; always there, but never for him but not this time, this time was going to be different. This one was his, and she never would leave this room until he'd had his fill of her taunting, prissy ass! Innocent? Hell! He'd show her! Sarah felt someone's cold fingers touch the underside of her thigh as she lay heaving, struggling to regain her breath. She jerked away but the cool prodding was insistent; only when she heard Henry's rasping laugh did she turn her head to see whose hand had touched her still-quivering flesh. What she saw had her sitting up and retreating to the far edge of the bed, huddled with her arms around her knees, unconcerned that the whole naked expanse of her moistened cuntal crevice was open to their eyes. It was the wolf, Lobo, and Sarah was petrified at the very sight of the huge, snarling animal. Gloria was sitting, head down and breasts rising and falling rapidly from her short, hard breathing on the edge of the bed opposite the wolf, but the ferocious animal seemed to ignore her; he seemed interested only in Sarah, and he padded forward on four enormous paws until his cold nose again touched the smooth, unblemished curve of her buttocks as she crouched in abject terror. "Get him away," she tried to whisper loudly so as not to rile him, "Please make him go away, I'm frightened!" She looked into Henry's eyes; a fierceness burned there, born out of his intense passion for the young girl. He frightened her horribly -- one look into those cruel gray eyes of his could convince anyone that this man was capable of anything. Sarah knew her life was in danger if she crossed him even once. Suddenly he smiled but it wasn't a smile of warmth or affection; far from it, it was the outward signal that another act was to begin. An act that was the absolute peak of humiliation, something that would leave its mark like a scorched brand on this young bitch's brain. Yes, sir, she'll never forget this night, never! "Looks like Lobo's got his eye on you, cunt," he sneered, "Maybe you'd better make him happy before you take me and Al on. Ain't that right, Al? We wouldn't want to take our turn before good ol' Lobo gets his, now would we?" Al was a little slow, but a wet, toothy grin spread across his cheeks when he remembered what his boss had planned. Christ, he could hardly wait! "I I don't know what you mean," whispered Sarah meekly, a faint germ-like notion of what these men were planning starting to grow in the back of her mind; it was too horrid, too fantastic to believe, even from these two savages. "What are you talking about? Haven't you done enough? Let me alone, please! You can't just do things like this, it's it's awful and you know it!" But she was alone with these men and that animal and Gloria and she was nothing more than a slave to them all until they had seated their lustful thirsts, until they'd drunk their fill of her ripe young nakedness. Sarah felt her stomach sink, the darkest, slimiest hell-hole on the Eastern Mediterranean couldn't have offered a more despicable prison for her. If she were stripped naked and paraded before a smoky roomful of Turkish sailors, she wouldn't have felt cheaper, filthier, or more shamed than at this moment. She thought of Jamie, thought of the life she'd abandoned and of having to return and tell him of this, and she sickened at the very prospect. How could she ever again be a wife to any man how could she ever again share anyone's bed after this night! How could she even hope to live with this degradation etched in her memory! "I want to see you take good care of Lobo there, bitch!" barked her master, pointing in the animal's direction, "He's a better man than anything you've had so far, so you shouldn't mind a bit. " He laughed and his hired man followed his example; Al seemed still a little unsure of just what would happen next, but like a curious dog standing on its haunches, he was interested enough not to miss a second. Sarah was kneeling on her shins, her arms across her nakedly rising and falling breasts. Henry stepped forward and urged her toward the wolf. She knew without a doubt that she could not refuse his slightest wish; she looked to Gloria, but the cold impersonal eyes of the older woman told her she could offer no relief, no consolation. There was nothing to do but obey. "You didn't have any trouble eating pussy let's see how you do with some better meat. Watching you broads go down on each other musta' made Lobo a bit horny let's see you do somethin' about it now!" Sarah looked at the huge beast, lying on his back now just in front of her, his long red tongue hanging wetly from between his sharp, menacing teeth. There was little hair on his underside, and when she reached out cautiously to touch his belly with his fingertips, the long, tapered shaft of his pink animal-prick slid wetly from its furry tube-like sheath. "No no! I can't do it! I just can't! You can't mean it, please say you're only joking! Please say you're just kidding me, please!" But Henry wasn't laughing; he was less than a foot from her, and the mask of savagery on his face told her this was no joke. "Just give him a good blow job and nothing'll happen to you!" Sarah stared at the lewdly glistening pink taper, now several inches beyond the fur-covered sheath of flesh that covered it. At the base of his long animal penis, his huge dark testicles lay against his belly like two bristly golf balls. She saw it all, but her mind refused to record it, it seemed impossible that Hawkins could demand this awful, despicable act of her but his intentions were real enough indeed. And Henry was growing impatient. "Make up your fuckin' mind, cunt! It's your choice suck my wolf, or I'll take his leash and let him really go at you. Make up your mind!" Trembling with fear and revulsion, Sarah slowly reached to the wolf's heaving belly and took the moist red length of his long warm penis gingerly between her fingers. The huge animal squirmed eagerly at her soft touch. Henry stepped in for a closer look, "Keep your head turned this way when you do it. I wanna' see that cock o' his going into those pretty painted-up lips. I want a good view of those animal-cock-sucking lips, baby, a real good view now suck it!" He knew he had to degrade her if this was to work, and he did it with pleasure. She knew there was no chance, but she tried futilely to close her thoughts to what she was doing, to focus her mind on something else, on some place far away from this horrible unreal dream, anything to keep down the spasms of reeling nausea that were tearing her stomach apart. With every muscle in her shuddering young body fighting her, she placed her face on the animal's warm underside, her fingers around the lengthening shaft of his tapered red penis. Slowly, as Henry and Al excitedly egged her on, she stroked the fur-covered spear, while the two men and Gloria watched in lewd hunger. It snaked from its protective sheath it was almost fully out now its pointed, pinkly gleaming -- almost translucent -- tip had oozed from its tight sheath, slowly moving forward until it was less than an inch from her lips. The terrified young blonde was heaving with deep gasping breaths as she fought down the choking ball of nausea in her throat. "What're you stalling for? Suck the damn thing! Suck it!" She did as she was told pushing away every confused thought from her mind, she opened her wetly glistening lips slightly and let the tapered tip slide into her soft warm mouth. She felt the hot spongy shaft snake far back over her tongue, its smooth hardness gliding easily over her moistened lips. The taste surprised her it was almost sweet, sort of tangy, with the fragrance of sweaty flesh after a bout of lovemaking. The big animal responded immediately, his back legs curled against his belly as he eagerly hunched forward and sank his warmly pulsing cock into the warm depths of her throat. She brought her tongue into play as Henry lowered his head to follow her actions; sickened beyond belief, she twirled the wolf's tapered pink penis around in her mouth as it began to throb and wriggle from its furry base. Henry was ecstatic, but he wanted more, he needed just a little more to complete the lurid tableau, "Rub his balls with your fingers I'll bet he'd like that. " Sarah didn't protest this time, but moved her hand to his furry testicles and caressed them lightly with the nails of her fingers, brushing them over the two sperm-filled mounds as a long, low animal whine came from Lobo's throat. Somehow it was becoming less repulsive than at first; she wondered if the drug she'd had earlier was still numbing her a little to what she was doing. The young blonde saw Henry disappear from her limited line of vision, but he wasn't far. She could still hear his grunting encouragements behind her as he stood somewhere in the room while she knelt on the bed and sucked this savage animal's cock into her throat, drawing between her tightly ovalled lips. Her mind was so attuned to the degrading act she was performing that she forgot about the rest of her nakedly kneeling body; her ass was high in the air, her still-moist pussy lips open and unguarded from behind as her ripe young buttocks wiggled and squirmed an unintentional invitation to Henry. She couldn't see him as he quickly and quietly unzipped his trousers and placed his jacket on the bed near her widespread ankles. He climbed onto the platform-like bed, his massively throbbing cock jutting out from the opening in his pants and fully erect. He pulled back his uncircumcised, loose yielding foreskin back as if to let the purplish knob see what a treat it had coming. As though it had a mind of its own, his long thick penis leaped forward and snaked between the softly rounded globes of her naked buttocks. Sarah recoiled in horror at the realization of what he was about to do, but she knew that he wasn't alone behind her he had friends with him. His impatiently heated cock pressed forward again as he crawled up tight against her trembling White buttocks, and he dragged it slowly and tauntingly along the moistly warm furrow of her pussy, spreading the quivering pink cuntal lips with the throbbing head of his organ as her own juices unexpectedly wetted the shaft of his sex. He pulled it back through her moistened, hair-lined slit once more, then touched the swollen, lust-inflated head to the tightly-puckered opening to her vagina, his cruel hands digging into the curve of her naked hips. "Put it in you, bitch put it in real nice-like!" Completely obedient to her master's command, Sarah's hand reached behind the ripely curving cheeks of her buttocks and gripped the heated knob of Henry's hardened penis, then, with a quick motion, she slipped it between the tautly elastic flanges of her hotly quivering pussy. His long hard shaft raced easily into her wet sheath, worming far up between the wantonly dancing globes of her young ass, and with a final thrust, sank his lust-hardened thickness deep inside her belly. Sarah wanted desperately to cry out from the sudden added invasion, but she didn't there was a wild hungering desire fanning in her ravaged loins once more; the lascivious sensation of this long animal penis sliding between her tightly pursed lips was doing strange and exciting things to her, things she couldn't understand, things that didn't seem right, but nevertheless were happening to her. She hated herself for the licking flames of passion that lapped at her cock-hungry vagina, she despised her very soul for allowing herself to become the servant of her own lustful desires. The yellow-eyed wolf's cock was starting to taste sweeter to her, and she swirled it around in her mouth with the rough surface of her tongue, bringing mewls of animal-pleasure to the huge, quivering beast. This night had already seemed an eternity long, but she didn't care just now; nothing was of importance except this salacious moment of pure, undiluted savage lust and desire. Suddenly she wanted this animal's hotly throbbing penis she wanted his long, tapered cock fucking her in her wildly salivating mouth she wanted his animal-prick thrusting wildly into her throat, she wanted to feel, to taste his seething sperm in her mouth she couldn't help herself, the sheer wicked wantonness of this moment was driving her insane! She wanted his animal cum, she wanted it! She sucked and licked the long pink shaft ravenously, and Henry stepped up the pace of his plundering ravishment of her defenseless young pussy from behind. She shivered at every deep, thrusting instroke of his heatedly pulsating shaft that poked and prodded far up inside her. She could feel the lust-crazed man's long hardness ramming deep in her belly, and she sucked the animal's cock even more hungrily, slurping, tonguing, gulping the tapered shaft as the huge beast writhed in a feral ecstasy. Al and Gloria watched in silent amazement. Already Gloria was beginning to hate this beautiful young girl, to feel those first pangs of envious jealousy. Henry was panting and grunting with maddened excitement at the feel of her tight little pussy contracting wetly around his thickness while he watched eagerly as the wolf's long scarlet taper slid wet and gleaming between Sarah's hungrily ovalled lips. The animal's furry haunches quivered spasmodically with sheer delight as she massaged the dark balls at the base of his moistly glistening shaft with her fingers. Goddamn it, he was sure he couldn't hold back a second longer it was just too much, this lascivious savagery of watching this naked young blonde, hardly more than a teenager, sucking like the lowest whore on this animal-prick. Christ, she was obviously enjoying it, eating and sucking away like a kid working on a candy bar. He could scarcely believe his eyes; it was more than he'd hoped for! He'd never have hesitated to do this if he'd known it was going to be like this. He rammed his loins forward until his long aching cock was hidden in the wet pinkness of her unprotected, wide-open little pussy. His hotly gleaming eyes were locked on the salacious sight of his seven-inch penis disappearing with a slow, slurping sound between the ravaged, wetly distended lips of her tight young pussy, disappearing inch by wet inch in the moist, tightly-clasping furrow until his sperm-bloated balls slung forward and slapped between her smooth, sweat-streaked thighs. He was delirious with wanton pleasure as he pulled his hairy pelvis back and withdrew, watching eagerly as the soft, frail pink flanges of her pussy were pulled out along with the swollen, throbbing head of his burning organ; then, he rocked forward again and eased his burning hunger in the warm, soothing depths of her cunt. His breathing was heavy and fast, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he'd have reached the ultimate humiliation on this young bitch it would only be seconds before she was carrying his sperm-laden load, before she'd be filled with his churning white cum. He closed his eyes and pumped hard and deep into her tortured young belly and waited just a little more, just a little more and she's your's, Henry, all your's. Sarah couldn't control herself, she was wild with a wracking, alien passion she'd never felt before. It didn't matter that others were watching as she debased herself beyond belief, sucking and licking ravenously on the male animal's throbbing organ. It didn't matter that she'd never be able to live down this moment, it didn't matter nothing mattered save the insanely burning desire ravishing her twisted, flaming belly. Where she should have felt shame and horror and revulsion, there was only lust and an uncontrollable desire for more she wanted more! She ground back hard against Henry's powerful thrusts, feeling her own pussy-walls milking hungrily at his long shaft, sucking hard to pull every inch of his throbbing thickness far up inside her, to pull his scalding-hot load from his testicles and into her belly to quench the scorching flames that raged -there. She was nearly there! Oh, God, just a little more, just a little more! Her cheeks were hollowed as she sucked faster and faster on the wolf's long scarlet spear and chewed tenderly on the pungent male animal organ, swirling her tongue around its pointed tip. Lobo's strong, sinewy body began to shake and quiver uncontrollably, and suddenly, without any warning, he growled a low moaning howl of pleasure and emptied his hotly jetting animal sperm into her eagerly sucking throat. Her mouth was filled with the great release of thick viscous liquid that gagged her as it oozed down the back of her throat in a torrent of warmth. Ravenously, without shame, she sucked and sucked and swallowed until "Here's some more for you, Sarah baby now! Now!" Henry slammed his pelvis against her upturned ass cheeks and ceased to hold back the flood of white sperm that spurted into her belly from behind. She was out of her mind with insane masochistic wantonness! She could barely manage the sounds as she swallowed the last of the great animal's squirting load and tried to scream. "Aaaaaawwwwwww yes, yes, yes, YES! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!" A kaleidoscope of a million flashing pin-points of color exploded in front of her eyes; she threw her head back as Lobo, his animal lust sated, rolled from under her. She'd never known such fulfillment possible she was standing on the highest, soaring pinnacle of bliss her whole naked young body shivered and answered her wild, uncontrollable desire. The room reeled around her, and Gloria naked body whirled past the light overhead flared into a searing-hot torch of brightness she was gone! Delicious chills of wicked pleasure rippled like a million volts of electricity through her nakedly writhing body; her pussy-lips milked every precious drop of this man's manhood into her belly, and she could feel -- even above her vaginal spasms of release -- his hotly jerking cock emptying itself. She felt his last gasping thrust, felt his thickened hardness gradually grow limp and lifeless as the colors gradually faded and the room slowed to a dead-stop. Her still-tight pussy-tunnel was reluctant to release its love-captive, but he pulled his rapidly deflating penis from her wet grip with a loud sucking noise that seemed to fill the room.

Animal Girl Chapter 9

Sarah opened her eyes into another world she was beyond all hope now for certain. Depraved, utterly wallowing in the deepest, darkest depths of human filth and vileness, and there was nothing she could do to stop herself. Her mind refused to believe what her senses had told her she couldn't have done that! With an animal, and with these people watching her like she was no better than an animal herself! She had actually done it, gone at it like a bitch in heat, taking on the neighborhood stud in the middle of some park, oblivious to people around, to curious eyes. I can't believe it, I just can't! She managed a quick glance at the other man, Al, standing nearly over her now and stark naked like herself and Gloria. His huge erect prick was fully hardened and stiff, clutched between his fingers like a favorite toy. He was wide-eyed from what he had just seen, and like Sarah, he almost didn't believe it himself. Goddamn Gloria may be one hell of a fuck, but I've got to have me some of this stuff! She's unbelievable, just unbelievable! He moved toward her as she eyed him dazedly, not really knowing what he intended until it was too late. She lay there in near paralysis as he knelt in front of her, Gloria and Hawkins both watching excitedly as the third act of their little sex spectacular got into high gear. Al's eyes mirrored the lustful urge he had no intention of suppressing. His teeth gleamed through the wicked-mocking grin. Grabbing both ankles, he spun her onto her back, shoving her legs back tight against her shoulders, smashing her tender young breasts beneath her upturned thighs. Her ravaged cunt, still moist and sensitive, was opened to him like a dinner plate before a starving man. "No, no, please! Haven't you all done enough to me? I can't stand any more! Oh God, I can't!" But even as she spoke, she knew the fires the evil drug had spawned in her belly were still burning strongly. She held up one arm in protest, but there was no stopping the hulking man now. Without any hesitation, he probed savagely at her defenseless upturned vaginal slit with the blunt head of his lust-engorged penis. He found the pink puckered flanges of her pussy and slipped his impatiently pulsating cock in a couple of inches. But suddenly, grinning lewdly he pulled the swollen bulbous head from her already sperm moistened tunnel and lowered his aim, shoving her legs back hard so that now she was nearly standing on her head, doubled in half from the pressure of his arm against the back of her firm, trembling thighs. A cold, frightening chill suddenly raced along her spine, for the pressure of his hardened penis was pressing against her tightly puckered anus. The horrible truth about what the huge man was about to do was relayed to Sarah's numbed brain. It shattered into her head like a rifle shot. "Oh my God, no! NO! NO! PLEASE!" Her eyes were wide and white with fear, "Henry! Somebody! Don't let him do it! Don't AAAAGGGHHHHHHHHH!" She tried to pull away, but it was too late. Like a pile-driver, the sex-crazed man sank his massively hardened cock into the helpless young girl's anus, splitting apart the tight muscular bands and ramming deep up in her frantically cringing rectum. She screamed loudly again and again. It felt as if she was being split in half as he drove mercilessly into the agonized depths of her smooth rubbery tunnel. She could feel his mammoth hardness burrowing far up into her intestines, spreading the delicate walls of her virginal little rectum wide apart as he plowed into her. Through tear-flooded eyes she saw the outline of another woman, naked as herself, and felt the woman shoving a lumpy pillow beneath her defenselessly upturned ass, forcing her anal crevice even higher toward the man's humping, sweat-matted pelvis. Al looked down at her with a sneering leer on his lips, beads of perspiration rolling down his swarthy cheeks. Her beautiful young face twisted horribly with each painful job Al made into her tightly clasping depths, her teeth clenched as her pain-contorted lips parted in a half-cry of soul-rending anguish. She tried to lift her arms, to fight back, anything to force this devastating assault on her anus to stop. But it was hopeless. Her feeble blows only glanced off the man's thick neck, making him laugh in sadistic pleasure. She was impaled helplessly beneath him; and he wasn't about to pull his hotly throbbing shaft out of her tight little rectum not when he was savoring every exciting second of his ravishment of this naked young beauty. Sarah tried to tighten her sphincter muscles, hoping and praying that she could force the painful intruder from her forbidden orifice but her on-and-off clenching only seemed to add fuel to the raging savage lust the naked man was feeling. As the hot muscular walls of her anal passage squeezed against the impaling length of his lustfully-pulsating cock, he slammed into her with renewed excitement, burying himself deeper and deeper in the wretched young blonde's anus. The taut bands of muscle around the normally tiny opening were stretched almost beyond enduranc e to accommodate the log-like pole of his cock, clasping like over-stretched elastic the hard thick shaft of his manhood, tightly massaging every long hard inch of its throbbing length. Her nostrils unconsciously flared at the salacious scent of their sweating bodies grinding together in the hot stuffy room, the sweat of her own nakedly ravished body running freely with the musky wetness of this man. A whiff of pungent sharpness caught her attention -- the smell of her own vaginal secretions was mingling with the tangy, acid scent of the man's wildly pistoning cock. This incredibly lurid scene the overpowering numbness from the drugs the indescribable salaciousness of being raped and sodomized like this, being used and manhandled by a stranger, right before the eyes of two others: these things all coupled together, slowly brought on a change deep in her ripe young body. Almost indiscernible at first, it was nearly impossible to feel anything except the constant intense pain. But something was happening to her, something was changing "She's starting to dig it now, Al boy! Let her have it good! Really throw it to her!" screamed Gloria, nakedly up on the bed on her knees now, her eyes glistening hypnotically just a foot from the painfully stretched nether ring of Sarah's ravaged anal hole, her eyes wide and glazed as she watched this fantasticerformance right in front of her face. Sarah felt an involuntary movement beginning that was not of her own doing; her hips began to arch upward toward the man. The bruised, battered walls of her rectal passage began to contract involuntarily as the sheer perverted wickedness of what she was doing began to rattle through her drugged mind. Her naked torso was coming back to life, rolling and squirming wantonly from side to side, starting a slow deliberate rhythm as she slowly ground back up against his loins. Slowly, undetectably at first, the pain of this brutal, vicious attack was gradually subsiding. And in its place familiar waves of a wild hungering pleasure began to fan out from her battered rectum, rippling upward throughout her belly, coming to rest in the bulging peaks of her straining young breasts, smashed beneath her upturned legs. Her toes curled tightly against the bottoms of her feet, opening and closing in perfect harmony with his long, slow thrusts that went so far up into her belly that they seemed to be coming out her mouth. His thickly erect cock slipped easily in and out of her tight, constrictive tunnel now, lubricated with the oozing vaginal flow and the semen impatiently dribbling from the enormous, throbbing head of his savage rod of steel-hard flesh. "Oooooohhh Aaaawwwww! Oh God! OH GOD!" Her hands were on his mammoth shoulders, her nails raking his tough flesh and leaving long wakes of red as she dug in viciously through his skin. A whirling melange of thought-pictures raced across the screen of her mind, jumbled and confusing images of familiar faces in slow-motion, like a movie running on the wrong speed, slowed by the stupifying powers of the drugs she had consumed. She thought of her far-away husband, Jamie and of what it would be like to be with him now, away from this frightening nightmare. Oh, how much she wanted him to come and save her from this horrible degradation. It was a stupid thought and she instantly regretted it. But other thoughts, other feelings, other sensations were bouncing around in her head too. She recalled the many long empty nights with Jamie, those endless, agonizing nights when only a few moments of unbridled passion would have fulfilled the gnawing pain in her loins. Those nights, those countless nights, when she'd cried herself to sleep, clutching her belly to keep from screaming in anguish. Holding her stomach to quench the insistent pain in her loins, the recurring, all-consuming pain that Jamie could have eliminated so easily but didn't because he was too drunk or too tired. Suddenly, something snapped deep inside her. The pain was gone, completely kicked aside by the growing, savage animal passion that had stealthily slipped from her loins and taken control of her naked body. "Oh God it's so good! It's so good! Oh shit, fuck me! Fuck my ass so hard! Oh! Oh Oh God, I'M CUMMING!" A long deep moan growled from her lips, her nakedly writhing body arched hard up against his pelvis as his long thick cock rammed deep inside her. She screamed again, wordless, gasping cries as a torrent of her own orgasming juices flooded from her wildly twitching vagina and drained down the narrow furrows of her buttocks, streaming in a white warm wave over the huge lust-bloated shaft embedded deep in her rectum. Spurred on by the sight of her orgasm, Al pumped into her anew, spreading the cheeks of her naked, unprotected buttocks with his fingers to allow his thick massiveness even deeper entry to her frantically puckering orifice. He pulled the immense shaft all the way out, leaving just the distended, pulsing tip to keep the tiny hole open, then rammed straight down, sinking deeper and deeper until his curly-haired pelvis smashed against her naked upturned ass. He could feel the young girl struggling to open her legs wider, to suck his huge invading cudgel deeper up into her forbidden orifice in an effort to swallow him up in the immense raging inferno of her belly. Sarah was now aware of nothing around her; the room could have been filled with all her friends, all her relatives, and it wouldn't have mattered now! Suddenly she was lost in the animal raptures of pure, undiluted savage passion. She was as nakedly unashamed of her unbridled lust as Hawkins' wolf had been of his, nothing more than an animal answering the basest of her baser needs. Every muscle, every nerve in her trembling body was attuned to his rhythmic, plundering thrusts that seemed deeper and deeper with every powerful, punishing lunge. She had become just an extension of his naked manly loins, just another instrument of the burning savage lust just now about to explode from his sperm-swollen balls. He reached between the fleshy cheeks of her buttocks and the cushioning pillow, lifting her even higher, tilting her up painfully so that his rapidly ramming thrusts were straight down into the heatedly clenching depths of her rectum. Sarah was insane with salacious desires! She had not one speck of control over her body it was responding on its own, humping and writhing as the wildly fucking man bored mercilessly down into the tight hairless tunnel of her rectum. And then his long hard cock jerked once and began to spurt the heated, lava-like flow of cum shooting like liquid flames deep up into her bowels, blasting up into her belly, ripping through her wantonly squirming body in never-ending spurts. Over and over again the white flow erupted from the throbbing, blood-swollen head of the huge shaft, filling the cavernous hollow of her insides and draining over the tightly sucking muscular ring of her anus. The silver river of cum streamed in a warm flood down both sides of her creviced bottom, trickling in twin streams down her upturned back. For the moment, at least, the flesh of her inflamed passages, had been soothed with an oozing warm balm. When every precious drop of cum had been milked from his thick pumping penis, when every hot spurt had been sucked deep up into her belly, Al gave one gasping lunge and pulled his now soft, pliable cock from her still tightly clenching anal grip. He groaned, then collapsed exhausted beside her on the floor. Sarah knew this would have to always be the lowest moment of her life. No matter what came after this, she could never sink so wantonly low again. She knew that tears should be flooding her cheeks from the vile and degrading subjugation and humiliation she had just been forced to endure. But it wasn't that way at all. . She felt nothing except the warm glowing fullness of her sperm-sloshing belly, the tingle of satisfaction, at least for now, and she couldn't pretend otherwise -- she liked it. God help her, she liked it! From the corner of her eye, she saw Henry and Gloria, both excited anew from this fresh spectacle of sadism and wickedly titillating passion. Gloria kneeled at his feet and took the whole of his long thick cock, still marked and glistening wetly with the stains of his violent assault on the young naked blonde. His eyes closed and a low, quiet moan came from his lips as she began to suck and no matter how hard she tried to deny it, to fight it Sarah could only feel a bit of envy for the kneeling woman with that big beautiful cock rammed deliciously down her throat!

Animal Girl Chapter 1

0 Sarah slept through nearly all of the next day, or the same day really, as it was getting close to dawn when Hawkins and his friends, including the four-legged one, left the camper. They had finally been satisfied and had resumed to the silver-colored trailer for a few hours sleep before pulling up stakes and hitting the road for Line Creek, their first scheduled performance. When Sarah awoke, though she had nearly managed to pull herself out of her drugged hangover a few times while they were moving along the gravel highway north, they were already in the tiny mining community of Line Creek. She opened the door of the camper and stood there for a long few minutes, just watching numbly as the workers hustled around, aided by a few temporary helpers Hawkins' advance truck had hustled together from the locals. The workers were opening up the sides of the trucks, dropping the panels that covered the wheels and gave the show a really polished look of professionalism that amazed her after last night. This looked like an honest-to-God animal show, just like she'd believed so sincerely before things changed so drastically here in this camper just so many hours ago Christ, was that all some kind of dream? Is Hawkins' show on the level, or wasn't that real last night? But Sarah had little time to grasp for such wispy fragments of hope, for she quickly was spotted by Henry Hawkins. Dropping his work, he came to her side hurriedly, his face at first blank and expressionless, then smeared with that same wicked grin she remembered now so clearly from last night. "Feelin' all right?" he asked when he was close enough to talk without being heard by the others. "Yes," she answered simply, nodding her head. "There's a little somethin' for you in the camper refrigerator, already mixed with coke. " Sarah's eyes widened with fear, "No, I won't! You can't make me do that again! I won't take it!" His face tightened into a scowl, and he spoke with deliberate slowness, choosing his words carefully. "You'll take it all right. You only have to remember last night -- all of it -- and you'll take it. You'll do it, Sarah, 'cause you're that kind of woman. I knew it when I first laid eyes on you. Now think! Think very carefully about last night and then you do as you're told. You've got some work to do tonight, work that'll make you a lot of money. More than you've ever seen, probably. So remember, Sarah and do as I tell you. " And with that he walked away, leaving her as confused and as frightened as when she first woke up alone there in the camper. It was like a hellish nightmare here she was practically surrounded by people, most of them probably decent people, people who would help her out of this Dante's inferno of wantonness if she only asked but it was as if she had been paralyzed somehow, crippled and unable to move, except to move back into the camper, to the refrigerator

Animal Girl Chapter 1

1 Like before, Sarah didn't hear anyone enter. Only this time, it wasn't Henry Hawkins at all, but his hired boy, young Sammy. Sammy wasn't a day over sixteen, but Sarah could not have failed to notice the way he'd looked at her whenever they were together in the truck cab. She could almost feel the intensity of his eagerness, his brash adolescent desire for her, but she had merely shrugged it off. But that was before and nothing was the same now. She could only assume that she must have fallen unconscious this time, for she was flat on her back when he entered unannounced, he said with a message from Hawkins, but his eyes told her something else and now, as last night, Sarah Olsen could not deny the wanton things her young pertly developed body craved. But more than that now, she didn't want to deny them it wasn't just her body, but her soul that cried out now and there could be no stopping, not now, not ever.

Sarah was lying on her back on the floor, cushioned from the hardwood by a thick, shag rug that tickled her naked flesh as she moved against it. Sammy was somewhere at her feet, only a hazy smear through her drug-blurred eyes, but kneeling between her opened legs. She watched and waited, half realizing what was happening, half wanting to stop it but unable to control this inferno of passion the strong drugs had worked up inside her. She tried to think rationally, to clear her head. But it was impossible -- the harder she concentrated, the brighter the whirling colored flashes became. She felt a pair of strong young hands grab her soft pliant thighs just above her knees and push her legs back and up, until they doubled back against her chest, smashing her sensitive nipples beneath them. Sammy dropped his head to her wetly throbbing pussy, first spreading the soft fluffy down of her sparse young pubic hair with his index fingers, and then flicking his tongue lizard like into the moist warmth, wiggling the tip deep between the excitedly pulsating cuntal folds. Sarah jerked her naked young buttocks down into the rug as an electrifying lightning bolt charged along her spine and raced through her body like a crackling wire had been touched to her loins. Her thighs were held firmly, preventing her from closing her legs and leaving her pink, voraciously hungry cunt unprotected and vulnerable to his touch, his to caress and to use. She managed to focus on his form and saw him wide-eyed and hungry, a teenage sex maniac crouching between her thighs as she gazed smoky-eyed down over the plane of her tautly rounded belly. She was helpless, powerless to stop this perverted ravishment of her femininity. Sammy was smiling, delighted at the prospect of eating this blonde girl's succulent pussy; he had always wanted to do something like this, and with a girl older than he, it was perfect! He hungrily licked his lips in anticipation. His eyes met her's and they locked there for an eternity, fathoming the deep, churning confusion and fear inside her mind; she was petrified with fright and the rising misgivings at what she was doing but there was another feeling she couldn't deny even to herself. That now-familiar burning in the pit of her belly, that hot glow that was throbbing in her loins, that tingling hunger that was quivering in her widespread pussy. Sammy's lips parted the moist, pink vaginal flanges to expose the hardened bud of her little clitoris, an erect pink nipple that seemed to cry out for his touch. He eyed the little tip first, then, without warning, quickly buried his lips in the damply heated furrow, his long tongue worming its way deep in between her warmly clasping pussy walls. Sarah jerked away again, punctuated this time with a straight-from-the-gut cry of animal desire as she fought to control the anguished pangs of drug-induced passion deep inside her. "Don't please don't," she managed, her voice not much above a whisper. She knew her plea was hollow, meaningless, merely an echo of what she thought was morally right, not what her body wanted and needed. Her eyes watched in eagerness as his young head bobbed up and down between her wide-spread thighs, his tongue hungrily probing her nakedly exposed vaginal tunnel and licking the sides hotly. He teased the quivering tip into every warm, wet crevice, into every little fleshy ridge of her pussy. Sarah sensed it happening before she could really feel it that certain sixth-sense warning that was triggered just before something explosive went off in her body. It was there all right not fear, but hunger; a consuming, devouring voraciousness that seemed to emanate upward from her ravished loins. Her wildly trembling thighs felt as if someone were tickling her with a huge feather, her naked young body was aflame with torturing lust, every square inch quivering from a billion needle pricks of forbidden desire. She couldn't stay motionless; her legs and arms moved with minds of their own, and her pelvis ground wantonly up against the youngster's face as she threw her pussy-lips hungrily against his beautifully licking tongue. She tried to hold it back at first, tried until her voluptuously straining body ached from the valiant effort. She tried to keep the raging lust from engulfing her. But it was useless her hot, wildly excited pussy ached for a man's long hard cock, and there would be nothing else in her world until that need was answered. "MMMMMMmmmmm it's it's nice, so nice " Her body surrendered back to the warm, glowing sensation, her voice now only a purring mewl as she squirmed harder against Sammy's wetly nibbling lips, pushing her cock-starved cunt up to meet his long probing tongue. She moaned loudly as he rolled the sensitive bud of her clitoris around with his tongue, swirling around the pink, throbbing knob until she begged him to stop. Wave after wave of insufferable desire coursed over her tautly rippling belly and her firm young breast jutted proudly, her nipples achingly hard and pulsing. Slowly at first, then with breath-taking speed, these assaulting, tides of animal desire smashed away her fears, her humiliation at losing her dignity like this, giving herself so vulgarly to this mere teenager. All she could feel, all she could think of, was his touch, his wet quivering tongue against her clitoris, his lips hungrily kissing and nibbling at the wet warm folds of sensitive flesh up between her wide-spread thighs. As he continued to suck voraciously on the sensitive little bud of her clitoris, Sarah arched high off the floor, only her shoulders resting on the rug, her wet, hair-lined cuntal slit grinding frantically against his face. Her entire naked body jerked spasmodically as his hot tongue probed deep in the clasping sheath of her vagina; the soft pulsing cuntal walls tried desperately to squeeze his tongue tight enough to contain it, to keep the slender, wetly probing tip buried in her hungry chasm. Sarah was a seething fireball of desire now. Her eagerly rippling vagina seemed to grow, seemed big enough to swallow his whole head, to suck him ravenously into her belly and quench the lewd, insatiable lust that his touch was fanning inside her. She grabbed at the side of his face, clutching at his long hair, and pulled him tightly against her hot, hungrily writhing crotch, burying his face in the moist pungent furrow of her pussy, pushing his tongue even deeper in her voracious channel. But the need was too great; there was only one way to quench the blood-swirling passion raging in her loins. "Please fuck me! Fuck me, please!" she begged, her eyes wide with an animal fury. "Fuck me Fuck me! FUCK ME!" Sammy stopped his teasing play, pulled his tongue from her wetly clasping vagina. "Sure, baby I think you're about ready for me!" he said in adolescent toughness. She thought of someone seeing her like this, but it didn't matter. Nothing mattered but that long hard pole of flesh she glimpsed as Sammy pulled his head from between her legs and kneeled just inches away from her upturned, frantically grinding loins. But the young boy was taking his time, savoring every golden second of this, enjoying the thrill and excitement of making this beautiful blonde squirm with anticipation he wanted her just right, begging for his cock, pleading with him to answer the overpowering need in her belly. Just another few seconds, he thought, just another few seconds and she'll be perfect! He pushed her legs harder against her softly flattened breasts and positioned himself. Hesitating a second he yanked a cushion from the bed and slid it under the smooth rounded globes of her ass, lifting her easily with one hand. Yes, that's perfect just the right angle. I'll be ramming right up her throat from here! Christ, has she ever got a sweet little cunt on her! Look at that thing, just quivering and sucking man, she'll pull my balls off with that tight little pussy! Goddamn, what a piece of tail! Sarah looked at Sammy and for an instant he reminded her of the surfers from California she'd seen in magazines, the tall blonde muscle-boys with wet hair. He was incredibly well built, and that long hard cock of his wouldn't have shamed a grown man twice his size. She closed her eyes again and the picture vanished The thin, hair-fringed crevice of her naked vagina was quivering with the maddening desire that had taken control of her body and mind. Her eyes were tightly clenched, it didn't matter whose hotly throbbing penis was teasing the warm soft lips of her pussy. It could have been her own lost husband it could have been a thousand others. At this moment, nothing mattered but feeling that rock-hard shaft buried deep inside her, to feel the walls of her hungry slit close tightly around the bucking and rearing pole and suck it frantically up into her womb. She ground her crotch desperately up to reach the elusive rod. "Oh, no now please!" She was going stark-raving mad without a man inside her; she'd lose her mind without relief. "Fuck me, honey! Stick it up in me! Stick it up in me hard! Split me open with your big cock!" She reached for it clumsily, her reflexes still slowed by the drugs, but her fingers found the thick fleshy shaft. She stroked its heated length almost deliriously with her fingertips, pulling it toward her warmly clasping vagina, feeling his manhood grow even harder and longer at her touch. She could feel the swollen knob on the end of it fill with hot swirling blood as the heatedly pulsating shaft brushed her vaginal lips ever so lightly. Sammy could hold back his charge no longer, and without warning snapped his loins forward "AAAAAAwwwwww " Sarah cried out in sharp pain as the long hard pole slipped wetly inside and rammed its way to the hilt far up inside her drug-crazed cunt. She was forced back brutally to the floor as he jammed into her with all the fury of his virile young body behind his first thrust. The soft pliant walls of her vagina-rippled aside in warm pink waves as his hotly pulsing cock drove up against the sensitive tip of her cervix. She gasped an unintelligible cry, then, "Oh God, it's killing me it's so deep! It's so deep inside me!" It was longer than she had expected, and it hurt. Sammy hesitated not an instant, but pulled his lust-hardened shaft out of her until just an inch remained between her wet moistly sucking pussy lips, then rammed it home again, once more sinking into her tightly clasping sheath until his -pubic hair matted with her and his balls slapped loudly and obscenely in the upturned defenseless furrow of her ass. The powerful youth didn't ease his relentless rhythm for an instant; he knew he had her off balance and teetering on the brink of insanity from the wild fucking he was giving her. Sarah's eyes were open, but she saw nothing, just an endless array of bright flashing colors, a psychedelic merry-go-round of reds and yellows and purples that whirred by her eyes. "Getting to you, right. Don't tell me you've never had it so far down before feels nice, right sweetheart?" His voice had the phony arrogance of a teenage street fighter. He was taunting her, adding to the humiliation she knew she should have felt. But there was no embarrassed anguish, no abject degradation nothing but the insatiable hunger in her belly for his seething hot load of male sperm. Lunge after pistoning lunge disappeared in her warm juicy tunnel, every virile thrust sending another fresh wave of ecstasy through her nakedly writhing body. Her rippling pussy walls tightly gripped the long hard intruder, only letting go reluctantly as the glistening wet shaft slithered out, then back in, sinking each delicious time to the very base of his rigid young cock. Sarah couldn't see anyone now, just the blurry outline of the naked boy who was fucking her like she'd never been fucked before, and she was responding with every cell, every fiber of her very being. Sammy pumped his hotly throbbing flesh into her again and again, her nibbling vaginal lips clinging to the thick White shaft as it slid wetly from her clasping grasp. "Oh God oh God," she moaned like a broken record endlessly repeating itself. She knew she couldn't stop what was happening and she knew she wouldn't, even if she could. She was soaring on rocketing pinnacles of sexual wantonness, sexual abandonment she'd never have guessed possible. She was feeling a newly released sexuality, a newly freed lasciviousness that was beyond her wildest fantasies. This young boy, a stranger until this moment, was doing incredible, unbelievable things to her he was taking her places she'd never dreamed existed. And she could not stop him she wouldn't! Sammy could see she was truly all his now -- his living love-slave, his to use any way he desired. She was ready and eager to take anything he could dish out He smiled as he looked at her voluptuously naked form doubled beneath his thrusts, her long blonde hair spilling around her head like a halo. He slowed the relentless, deep jabs to a steady pumping rhythm, fucking in and out of her with smooth, easy strokes. And then she felt the first incredible waves of ecstasy moving outward from the pit of her belly to the tightly clasping pink lips of her pussy which still tautly gripped the hard thick shaft of his penis. "Oh Goddamn," she screamed. "That's it, lover! Fuck me, fuck me FUCK ME!"

Animal Girl Chapter 1

2 Sarah scarcely remembered being helped from the camper and led along the dirt path that led to one of the show's biggest transfer vans, a huge blue one emblazoned with Henry Hawkins' advertising along its full length. It was dark, late it seemed as she walked gingerly, barefoot, along the trail. Someone was leading her. Was it Sammy? Sweet young Sammy? Or was it Henry? Or was it someone else she'd never seen before? Henry's advance men had done their work well, and the wives and kiddies that had viewed the show's menagerie that afternoon before sunset were all safely home out of sight. Only the single men and those married ones sly enough or bold enough to manage a night out alone were packed six abreast into the smoky, almost airless truck when she was helped into the wide rear doors. She couldn't see their faces, just a swirling sea of bodies and eyes and teeth and legs and cocks, she could only hope, God how she hoped there were lots of them! Henry's magic had worked again, though she could not remember taking another dose of the passion-swelling potion after Sammy arrived. But she must have why else this raging hot burning again up between her legs, this rutting agony of desire that could only be quenched one way. And tonight she knew the way there would be no need for encouragement, no reason for subterfuge of deceit. Tonight the beautiful young blonde, clad now only in her brassiere and panties as she was paraded in before these men who had paid ten dollars for the show she was about to give them, was eager enough on her own eager for anything as long as it would give her the lascivious excitement she cried out for with every pore, every cell, of her half-naked young body. Numbly, feeling nothing but the fire in her naked belly, she was led like a slave girl to the front of the enclosed van where a tattered, uncovered mattress lay on the bare floor, marked off from the rest of the area by a tautly-stretched rope that the men from the mining camp were pressed against as thick as flies. She didn't feel it at all as her wrists were strapped with nylon clothesline to two rings in the floor that were used for restraining the heavy steel cages when they were on the move. She did not offer any opposition because she was aware of nothing to oppose nothing existed in the universe except the red-hot moist flesh of her drug-crazed vagina and this wonderful crowd of men. A short fat man, dressed in the sweat-soaked clothes of a worker, entered and closed the doors behind him. His eyes flickered in appreciation when he saw the delicious young feast spread defenselessly on the mattress. The worker removed his shirt, silently staring at her with undisguised rapaciousness visible in his eyes. His huge barrel chest, covered with ape-like hair, rose and fell in short puffing gasps as he dropped his pants to the floor. His short fat cock jerked into view beneath an overhanging roll of fat from his White belly. Sarah's eyes bulged in terror. The drug! The drug! Why didn't it work! She felt only fear, not the blind lust that she now craved like a junkie craves heroin. And, suddenly, it did, but not the way she had expected. The first piercing warning came as the man leaned gleefully over the edge of the mattress and began running his rough callused hands over her smooth, cringing young flesh. Her reaction was violent! A deep indescribable electrifying shock shot through the frayed nerve-ends of her body like a thousand tiny sharp needles. Laughing red devils danced wickedly along the inner softness of her firmly quaking thighs. Her buttocks ground desperately into the mattress to quench a searing hot flame suddenly licking hungrily at her nakedness. It was futile, the fire roared headlong out of control. She lay immobile for a moment, her mind struggling hopelessly against the pinpricks of sensation following the path of the coarse fingers digging so brutally into her flesh. God, Henry must have given me a double dose! The first man played with her, unaware of the hopeless battle raging within the tortured young girl beneath his kneading hands. He placed his thumbs on the fleshy lips of hair lining the outside of her cunt and pulled slowly apart as though he were splitting tropical fruit. Sarah lay holding her breath and fighting with all her moral strength. It was not enough, for her resistance shattered almost immediately. She groaned as the exquisite feeling of cool air rushed over the fevered bud of her rising clitoris. It rippled up her now quivering belly and out into the nipples of her ripely throbbing breasts, drowning out the debasing humiliation of the strange hands roaming over her nakedness. The straining muscles of her thighs began to relax as did her White ivory breasts that rose and fell with each labored breath. The man's tongue licked nervously at his thick mouth, small beads of sweat formed over his upper lips as he watched the gradual transformation of the voluptuous young girl beneath his stroking fingers. He did not understand an d did not care, he would not question a gift like this -- only a fool would. He could not wait. He pushed her unresisting firm thighs wide with the rough palms of his hands and crawled eagerly between their lush fullness. The devils danced faster around the rough pink edges of Sarah's naked cunt as she felt the mattress sink from his weight. Her hotly throbbing pussy felt like a painfully aching hollow pit in her stomach and it had to be filled. Her eyes locked greedily on the thick cock pulsating out from his kneeling body above her. Suddenly forgotten were the fears of humiliation. She needed but one thing now; she needed that long hard cock! More than anything else in the world, she needed the relief that only a man's virile penis could bring her. Even as her mind fought the repulsive sight of the kneeling fat body hovering between the slimness of her wide-stretched thighs, her long tapered legs kicked out uncontrollably and her heels curled around his hips in an animal-like eagerness. She jerked forward wildly, pulling him, with a grunt, heavily down on top of her sensually writhing body. He guided his thick blood-filled cock-head straight into her wetly foaming cunt, his heavy weight smashing her far down into the mattress. As she squealed in pain and ecstasy, he levered up, ramming his rock-hard shaft as deep as it would go into her hungrily clasping puss His heavy, sperm-laden balls smacked loudly against her upturned ass as his long hard length bored hotly into the yielding softness of her rippling young belly. Sarah strained against the cords but they held, cruelly cutting into her wrists, as she tried to get even closer to him, crying out in a savage demand to go "deeper, fuck deeper!" "Fuck harder, fuck deeper!" she screamed at him in desperation, causing the bug-eyed spectators to edge even closer to the make-shift stage. They watched as the man grasped her nakedly grinding ass cheeks in both hands and drove his thick stubby cock to the hilt. A low murmur of sympathy went up in the audience; it was obvious that his fleshy staff was much too short to put out the fire raging in the young girl's cunt. Sarah groaned in frustration, splaying her legs wide out over the bed to give him greater access, but even that did not help. As if in apology, the sweating fat man rammed his tongue deep into her wide-open mouth, the saliva drooling down into her throat. She sucked at it in a wild frenzy, her drug-crazed body caught up in a whirlpool of raw lust that she had never known before. His wildly jerking cock pistoned into her mercilessly as he sought to make up for his lack of length, and his pile-driving thrusts brought gasps of pain from the captive blonde as his pelvis smacked loudly against her crotch. Sarah moaned again, this time in encouragement, for the man was bringing her to the peak with the brutal pounding of his body alone. Then -- suddenly -- as she bucked uncontrollably beneath him, she felt his rapidly plunging cock stiffen without warning and begin spewing its white-hot liquid far into the hidden recesses of her tortured womb. Sarah groaned in frustration. It was too soon, too soon! She was almost there, the climatic peak was but a second away. She strained crazily to cum and get release, but the man's dead weight collapsed heavily across her still driving body. The useless deflated penis hung spent and wetly glistening between her churning thighs. Frantically she buffeted her wetly steaming loins up against his flaccid tube, tears of angry frustration running down her lust-contorted face. She screamed in anguish as he rolled from her nakedly buffeting body, breathing heavily in satiation he had gotten more than his money's worth. He smiled happily and a bit sheepishly at the spectators who were moving restlessly; their whispers sounded like the first-zephyrs of an approaching storm. The fire burned on in Sarah, even as the man left the roped area. Impatiently, she waited for the next customer, grinding her buttocks into the mattress in anticipation. Oh God, she sobbed, the hunger coursing through her like a narcotic. I'm going crazy, crazy. Send me someone! Send me someone! Henry's head suddenly appeared at the door; a grin of satisfaction was on his lips as he saw Sarah's drugged body frantically writhing out of control on the bed. Henry had many clients waiting, and the potion would last for hours. The girl was beyond objecting to anything now. In fact, he thought happily, she would welcome it. Sarah's eyes were glazed in an all-encompassing desire. Her earlier prayers for blessed unconsciousness had faded, now she wanted only to feel the deliciousness of a man fucking wildly into her. She wanted her belly filled with great warm pools of cum and feel it sloshing around wetly inside her. Hurry, Henry, hurry, her mind droned drunkenly, bring me one. Bring me a man or I'll die! She did not have long to wait. An old man on crutches hobbled in, his eyes shining in lust. He had only one leg and his clothes were filthy and stained. They looked as though they had not left his body in months. Sarah's passion was beyond caring now, he was a man! A man with a nice hard cock that could slice into her fearfully burning pussy. That was all that mattered. Hurry, you bastard, hurry, raced through her mind desperately. She opened her legs wide, pointed the dripping hair-lined slit of her cunt directly at the lewdly grinning cripple, grinding her femaledom up with her tightly clenched ass in an equally lewd invitation to spur him to speed. He lost no time in tearing his ragged clothes from his unwashed body. He hadn't believed the news in the town street, nor the price three dollars! All that would buy in the whorehouse of Dawson Creek was a fat old hag who had been used up years before and who would lie drunkenly under you thinking of the booze she could buy with the money from this trick. But this was different! She was young, and her flesh was firm. It had been many long years since he had fucked anything even approaching this. Nowadays he could not afford the young ones in the houses and even if he could they would turn him down because of his nauseating appearance. He could not believe his luck with this one; Christ, she was begging him for it with her obscene gestures and loud groans. He would use his ten minutes well with this crazy-to-be-fucked little bitch. He hobbled to the bed and without ceremony, threw the stump of his missing leg over Sarah's nakedly squirming young body. He straddled her stomach awkwardly. The soft Whiteness of tautened belly brushed tantalizingly against the wrinkled sack of his heavily dangling balls causing his ancient penis to jerk in anticipation. He moved forward along her nakedly writhing torso and laid his still semi-soft penis in the warm fleshy valley between her ripely quivering breasts. He cupped a hand on either side of the feverishly straining mounds and pushed them together, trapping his long, awakening cock between them. He had always wanted to do this but none of the Dawson Creek whores would ever let him. Now with this young bitch's hands tied over her head, she could not object. Besides, Hawkins said anything went as long as he didn't hurt her physically. Sarah, beneath him, could feel the bones of his thin buttocks pressing painfully into her ribs as he rocked forward. He had straddled her so suddenly that she had been taken completely unaware. She needed him in her -- but not like this. She tried desperately to wriggle up the mattress under him but he rode with her firm young body. "No, no, please not that way, not that way," she cried in frustration as she looked down her nose and watched the red bulbous cock-head sliding back and forth between her tightly held breasts. She could feel it begin to heatedly throb against the sensitive tissue of her skin, sending further sheets of hot licking flame racing down to the quivering slit of her palpitating cunt. "Oh God no! Fuck me, please! Please!" she begged as he began a rocking motion, sliding his blue veined cock faster and faster between her warmly straining breasts. Spit dripped from his sun-cracked lips, falling onto the narrow fleshy valley and lubricating the passage for the hotly pulsating penis as it fucked the soft warmness between her breasts. The cripple continued his desperate thrusting -- faster -- faster -- his breath coming in quick labored gasps, until before her horror-stricken eyes, the man groaned loudly and stiffened; his long-stored cum began spurting in sticky hot streams over her naked breasts, spewing its vile warmth up against her chin and face. It ran down her shoulders and throat in wet white rivulets, soaking the mattress beneath. "Get in me, get in me! Now! Now!" she raved, her head thrashing from side to side in bitter defeat. "Why didn't you? Why didn't you?" she shouted up at him through hate-filled eyes, her arms straining at the binding cords like a mad woman. She cursed his impotency with all the foul words that came to her lust deranged mind. "Send me a man! Henry, you son of a bitch! Send me a man!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. Her wildly pulsating cunt was a steaming cauldron now that twitched like a nerve out of control. Her body was going to explode into a million fiery particles if someone didn't stuff a cock into her soon -- she sobbed hysterically, crying out for deliverance. The cripple dressed and hobbled hurriedly from the van, fearful that this lunatic might break loose from her bonds and do him bodily harm. He ignored the jeering catcalls of the other spectators -- he had gotten what he wanted. As Sarah watched him disappear through the doors, she suddenly gasped and held her breath, for his bent-over form was replaced by the shadow of the biggest man she had ever seen. He stooped as he entered to keep from hitting his head against the frame. He was jet Black! Her pleading froze in her throat. Desire, suddenly replaced by fear, withered in her body. He would kill her! "I've brought you a man, honey," Henry's voice cooed from behind the giant Black. "I've given him a discount to let some of the others watch. You must perform well," he chortled happily. "They are paying a lot for a good exhibition, and we can't disappoint them, can we!" "Ohh, please, no," Sarah whimpered, a battle raging between her mental revulsion, and the drug-fed fire of lust raging inside her crazed young body. "I can't, I can't he's too big. He'll kill me! Not with him, please!" Without speaking, Hawkins gave her a cold-steel stare that would have curdled fresh milk. His glance was more fearful than what the Black man would do to her; she knew she was beaten again -- she would have to do whatever he wished of her. She was dimly aware, through drug glazed eyes, of the leering faces crowded into the small room. Would they ever stop coming? They were lining the walls and hanging over the rail closest to her, packing the small chamber until the air became hot and almost unbearable from their sweating, grimy unwashed bodies. There seemed to be horribly grotesque faces peering down at her. Some toothless and unshaven, some marred by accident or design, but all wide-eyed and eager for the cruel ravishment of the quivering young blonde before them to begin. When the room was jammed with straining men, Hawkins motioned for Al to lock the door, cutting off the last entrance for fresh cool air. The odor was heavy and pressed down on Sarah like an invisible musty cape. She struggled for breath, her lungs sucking in great gasps, fighting to maintain consciousness. Henry nodded his head at the panting Black who began eagerly stripping his clothes from his glistening, muscular body. His pants fell to the floor, causing a murmur of fevered approval to ripple through the excited crowd. His giant ebony cock reared out from his Black muscular stomach like a third arm with a huge tightly balled fist at the end. It was at least ten inches long and two inches thick, and the two great sperm inflated balls hanging at the base gave it the frightening appearance of a cannon ready to fire. Sarah jerked her tightly clenched eyes open at the ripple of noise running through the room, her shocked gaze locking on the monstrous shaft pointing directly at her. She gasped in terror, drawing her thighs tightly together in anguished fear, her mouth dropping loosely open in astonished belief. It couldn't be true. He would split her right in half! Horrible visions of her ripped torn body flickered wildly through her cringing mind. They couldn't do it! They wouldn't! The Black stepped to the bed, the crowd closing behind him to get a closer look at the unbelievable spectacle about to take place before them. Helpful hands from the side of the mattress grasped harshly at Sarah's tightly clenched ankles, pulling them brutally open. Her delicate pink slit nestling in the soft pubic hair burst into full view of the spectators at the end of the bed. The others strained closer around the bedside to get their look at the wetly palpitating treasure of the struggling girl. Over-anxious hands reached out to pinch quickly at the White full breasts above, digging harshly for a stolen moment, and then disappearing anonymously back into the crowd. The Black giant climbed up between her widespread frantically trembling legs. The restraining hands on her ankles levered them up off the bed and back over her head until the soles of her upside down feet were touching the headboard in a great "V" about four feet apart. Sarah's face contorted in anguish, every muscle in her body felt as though it were stretched beyond all human endurance. The flat plane of her soft hair-covered pussy was presented to the kneeling giant in defenseless sacrifice. It was his, his to plunder at will. He grinned down at it, his lips bared back over the White ivory of his teeth in unbridled lust. He stroked his massively thick cock with both hands in greedy preparation for the assault on the helpless, up-turned cunt in front of him. His body swayed on his knees like a stalking cobra, the glistening ebony skin shining in the dim light of the single bulb hanging above. He shuffled forward slowly, his pelvis and great bulging Black cock shoved out and quivering like a savage limbo dancer caught in the hypnotic throes of a primeval jungle ceremony. Sarah, through wide-split thighs, watched in awed terror as the writhing Black torso advanced toward her helpless aperture. She could not turn her eyes from the vile instrument that was, in a moment, to cleave through her nakedly bound body in vicious rape. She was mesmerized into abject stillness. Suddenly, without warning, the swaying Black jerked his pelvis back and his head came forward and down in a dark blur, his gleaming ivory teeth fastening into the soft warm flesh of her belly. A tiny nip at her navel and his tongue began a slow tantalizing exploration of her Whiteness, following the path of light fuzz down to the flanges of her fearfully cringing pussy. He spread her blushing pussy lips with his fingers and then, with a maddening liquid suck of his lips, drew the tiny pink bud of Sarah's throbbing clitoris into his hotly voracious mouth. He nibbled at it with the sharp tips of his teeth, feeling the nerve ending become erect and jerking back to life from the softness that fear had brought. Sarah clenched her eyes tightly shut against the whirl-pools of sensation that were shooting out of control against her loins. She fought with all her inner strength against the gross betrayal by her drugged young body. Thoughts of Jamie and the life and children they could have had filled her head. No, no, she must not let them win. She mustn't! She mustn't! No matter what, I can't become just a toy for all these men! But suddenly, the huge Black's tongue snaked forward, burrowing up her hotly quivering cunt like a racing lizard. The shock rippled crazily up her spine to the base of her skull where it shattered in a cascade of rapidly growing wantonness which -- like a warm flood-tide -- inundated her whole body. Her hungry young loins jerked involuntarily forward, burying the man's flicking tongue to its roots. Erotic fire replaced fear and all else. She was nothing but a cunt, oh God, only a cunt! Her entire being was suddenly a great open cavern that had to be filled, that had to be gorged and stuffed with hot male flesh. Nothing else mattered now; not principles, not humiliation, just the flicking reality of the probing tongue that had now crawled out from between her hot steaming furrow and was tracing tiny wet circles up her body. "Ohh, ohh, yess, yesssss, suck my tits, yes, like that, like that! Bite me! Aaaaaaggggggg!" It moved up over her throat, licking at her nose and eyes and cheeks, the thick warm saliva soaking her skin. She rotated her lust-contorted face around searching with her open mouth for the wet fleshy tongue that was bringing her so much pleasure. She found it and sucked it deep into her throat with a low animal moan. Now her pelvis was grinding frantically, searching with her gaping hot pussy for that monstrous pole that was going to rip her belly asunder. The lust-incited crowd around the mattress gasped as the great bulging cock-head found the tiny pulsating opening to her pussy. It jostled for a moment against the pink, ragged edges of flesh, then insinuated itself gently between her wetly quivering vaginal lips. Then with a flick of the hips, the grinning Black forced the blood-filled tip brutally just beyond the throbbing lips of her hair-lined cunt, stretching the resisting rubbery flesh almost to the bursting point. Sarah threw her head wildly to the side and screamed, "AAAAAggggg! Don't Jesus, don't, you're hurting me-eeee-ee!" The massively throbbing penis sank in another cruel inch, the struggling girl trying desperately to kick her legs free and escape the punishing impalement. Several pairs of eagerly restraining hands of the spectators grabbed her legs and ankles again tightly back against the bedstead. In her wild passion a moment ago she had overestimated her hideously stretched vagina's capacity. This giant of a man's cock was too big, she could never take it in a million years. It was splitting her tight young cuntal lips terribly; the pain was unbearable as it rocketed through her bound and captive body like tiny sharp probing needles. The giant Black levered up on his hands in the push-up position and flicked again -- his grin widening -- as his hotly throbbing relentless, pole of flesh slid in another excruciating inch. "Uunuunuuuungggggggggg!" Another inch -- "AAAAAAAaaaagggggg!" Hot stale breaths coursed over her nakedly sweating body as the men crowded closer. Their faces hung over the bed within inches of her straining young body, watching hypnotically this lush White beauty being fucked and skewered like a medieval slave by the giant, glistening, ebony-skinned man. She was dimly aware of hands digging at her ripely sensitive breasts from the leering crowd and fingers clawing over every part of her naked flesh until it felt as though she were covered with tiny crawling animals trying to enter every pore of her helpless young body. The room had become a giant octopus with thousands of grasping tentacles reaching out obscenely to crush her in her helplessness. "Nooo Noooooooo!" she sobbed hysterically, tears gushing like hot, salty fountains from her open but unseeing eyes. Her sobbing, struggling protests and resistance brought a sudden crushing thrust from the Black that plowed the giant ebony cock deep into her tightly resisting passage, pushing great ripples of soft pink flesh in rolling waves before it. Sarah jerked convulsively as the great hot shaft raced into her belly like a runaway freight train smashing all resistance. It was an uncontrolled monster ramming in between her widespread legs, filling her every crevice and pushing her inner organs into tiny tight balls that could not breathe or move. It felt as though it were a python coming out her throat, out her mouth to curl around her shoulders and neck to crush her life away. It was ripping her very soul from her body and devouring it in great gulps of depraved sensuality. Suddenly it stopped. With an earth-shattering jolt, the giant's pelvis thudded heavily into her defenselessly upturned crotch. The monstrous sperm-inflated balls smacked loudly into the frantically trembling crevice of her ass. The huge ebony cock lay embedded to the hilt inside Sarah's cringing young cunt like an ancient impaling torture device. He held still above for a moment until the bereaved girl beneath him adjusted to the presence of the huge member implanted in her soft White belly. He watched her until her pain-contorted face began a slow relaxation, the tightly gnashed teeth opening in surprised adjustment. "A-Aaaaaah," her lips breathed in welcome relief as the pain subsided to a point where she could feel his long hard cock throbbing hotly inside her belly. He flexed the giant head, bringing a deep groan from her lips, her teeth reclenching. He flexed again -- another groan. Again -- a lesser groan this time, as her hot narrow passage grew accustomed to the increasing size. Then he began a slow revolving motion with his pelvis, grinding his massively thick cock tightly into her tight little pussy, expanding the still cringing walls of her wetly pulsating vagina until it fit like a well-tailored glove. The spectators' hot, unbelieving eyes peered lustfully within inches of the huge buried penis, amazed that the tiny cuntal opening they had seen moments before was capable of swallowing all of the fantastically thick shaft. Hands from the crowd rubbed lewdly over the moon-shaped cheeks of her nakedly quivering buttocks. From both sides of the mattress, fingers pulled cruelly at her fleshy hair-covered pussy lips and ripe young breasts. A fingertip probed under the heavily dangling balls and found her tiny puckered anus, flicking teasingly at it like another tongue. She winced as it suddenly popped through the tightly clenched nether ring and dug deeply at the soft rubbery flesh inside. It moved around, expanding the crinkled little hole until the palm of the intruding hand lay flat against her ass cheeks, the whole finger sunk safely inside the hotly throbbing tunnel. Now the Black began a painful sawing motion in and out of Sarah's moistly stretched pussy, thrusting forward mercilessly from the apex of his withdrawal and battering her cock-hungry young body hard against the mattress. The finger embedded far up in her ass joined the slowly pistoning cock in a rhythmic fucking duo that brought groans of pain and gasps of lewd pleasure gushing from the lips of her moaning mouth in time to their simultaneous tempo. The pain was easing and a weird sensation of happiness tingled through her nakedly helpless body. The outrageous debasement and subjugation brought a strange masochistic pleasure flooding through her blood stream. Her hips began unconsciously gyrating in an abandoned rhythm with the increasing speed of the great, lust-thickened cock and finger fucking her. It seemed as though a thousand helpful hands groped at her from the leering faces surrounding them, all hands of men who would help her achieve the release she needed. "Ohhh yes, yesss, fuck me like this. Oh shit yes, fuck me like this," she crooned, squirming her body lewdly around among the myriad of hands and fingers that crawled over the lushly voluptuous flesh. She opened her eyes. Cocks were everywhere now. The men around the mattress had pulled them out and were stroking them over her in time to the Black and White flesh smacking together before them. Long ones, short ones, fat ones, she was in a great cock heaven, surrounded by them -- a prisoner of them -- and all the time while the great Black glistening pole fucked madly into her, expanding with each stroke like a giant balloon, the finger drubbing into her rectum like still another cock. The young blonde was a prisoner, a helpless captive to the delicious rape of her heatedly pulsating cunt and anus -- trapped between them like a helpless insect. "Oh God, don't stop! Oh fuck, don't ever stop!" she grunted into the thick stale air, frantically gyrating her upturned ass faster and faster, trying to keep up with the wonderful poles of flesh and finger that rammed into her belly like tireless fucking machines. She felt hot fleshy objects dropped into her tightly bound hands on either side of the mattress and other hands press her fingers around them. She could tell by their warm pulsations that they were penises, and she began a hard vicious stroking in time to the communal rhythm. But then, all too soon, she felt the long hard shaft of flesh pummeling into her wetly throbbing cunt expanding almost to the bursting point. "No! No! Wait, wait!" she screamed in desperation, but it was too late. The great Black's eyes rolled around helplessly in his head as his huge churning balls began pumping spurt after spurt of hot white cum deep into her contracting belly. She ground her hungry wet pussy up tightly against his pelvis to stop the flow for a moment, but her very eagerness defeated her desperate purpose. The nibbling clasp of her starving vaginal muscles milked it clean, the last drop of his hot load sloshed around deep inside her lust-dilated womb. The giant rolled useless and drained from her wildly squirming form, helped by a dozen eager hands clawing to take his place. A thin string of white sticky liquid trailed from his cock over her leg to the floor where he collapsed in exhaustion. "Ten dollars, my friends, ten dollars," she could hear dimly through the muffled confusion of the noise, and caught a glimpse of Henry desperately reaching over heads for the freely offered bills like an excited circus barker. Her hips jerked up automatically to receive the hurried thrust of a short fat man who had replaced the Black giant between her legs. He rammed into her like a jack-hammer, needing no foreplay to incite him. The spectacle had been enough. They raced wildly together for the climax Sarah had been so cruelly deprived of when the giant had deserted her. It hit her suddenly, like a god's fist in the stomach. Great waves of searing, indescribably joy coursed through her shamelessly aroused young body with the power of a thousand lightning bolts, curling the tips of her toes and fingers like burning twigs on a bonfire. The fat man's wildly jerking cock spat uncontrollably into her at almost the same moment that the palms of her bound hands were flooded with the hot sticky fluid of the ejaculating penises enclosed in her fists. Great pools of cum clung stickily to her as she saw still other madly exploding cocks spurting at her body from the sides of the bed. She wallowed lewdly around in it, punishing and debasing herself in maniacal arousal, the odor rushing through her nostrils, as her own cum gushed hotly from between her legs, soaking the mattress beneath her wildly grinding buttocks. The bodies came on and on, spurred by her screaming supplications for further and further humiliation. Her hair was matted thickly with the pungent fluid now, and her cum-glistening body was covered from head to foot. She squirmed wetly on her back in it as she was buffeted up and down the mattress by one rampaging man after another. It seemed it would never stop. Suddenly, Henry grinned to himself. It was going too slow. There was an even better way to handle this volume of business. After all, the bitch was screaming for it. He would make sure she got more. He held back the next man in line and reaching the bed, cut her bonds. "Turn over," he commanded. Without hesitation, the young blonde girl rolled her battered body over in the slippery pools of cum, resting heavily on her stomach. "Now kneel," he ordered to the half conscious girl again. He grabbed impatiently at her hips and helped her to her knees. She rested panting for a moment on all fours, her nakedly gleaming buttocks high in the air and her face pushed into the bed. Her eyes were glazed thickly from the ravishment her body was enduring. Henry directed the waiting traffic like an experienced policeman on a busy intersection. Sarah felt heavy hands on her hips from a nameless body suddenly kneeling behind and between her open thighs. She eagerly waved the stretched moons of her buttocks-back at him, feeling the blunt end of his hot throbbing cock pressing into the now dripping slit of her crotch. With a grunt, he shoved cruelly forward, burying his impatiently pulsating manhood deep up her crevice, causing her to jump forward in surprise at the sudden lunge. Her face ran head on into another waiting long rigid cock that rammed without warning into her wetly gaping mouth. The man was kneeling on the mattress in front of her grasping both sides of her head vice-like between his strong callused hands and holding it firm. He sawed into her face viciously, as though it were a softer -- warmer -- more delicious cunt. Sarah gagged as he rammed it halfway down her throat, the full length disappearing into her tightly ovalled lips almost to the hilt. His sperm-bloated balls slapped harshly against her chin, the soft fuzz covering them tickling like a light airy feather. She struggled to breath, catching small gasps of air on the out-stroke. "Oh, God," she groaned as they buffeted her back and forth like a rag doll between them, using her nakedly helpless body as a great receptacle into which they would pump their burning sperm. She was no longer human but merely a great mass of flaccid flesh, unable to think or feel. But then, the very helplessness of her position flickered through her mind. The mental picture of her body being fucked between two excited men simply incited her. The hunger in her belly began raging out of control again and she started undulating her buttocks in tiny circles, squeezing with her revitalized cunt muscles at the fleshy staff boring into her. She wanted to milk it dry, to fill her own belly again and again until more of the hot sticky fluid ran down her already thickly covered thighs. She wanted to wallow in it again. She sucked voraciously at the warm thickness of the cock in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing and filling with each cruel thrust. Her tongue licked wildly at the blood-filled head, the tip probing hotly into the gland on the end. She wanted it to shoot in her mouth. She wanted to swallow it and feel it running down her throat until her stomach was as filled as her cunt. She wanted it to run through every pore in her body in great torrents of joy. Her wish came true a moment later! Simultaneously with the rising tide of her building orgasm, she felt the hotly ramming cock fucking into her from behind inflate and begin spewing its white hot load deep up into her tightly clasping cunt. His churning sperm ricocheted wildly around inside and dripped from her hair-covered pussy lips into the matted hair of his belly. His massively discharging balls pressed tightly against her exposed little clitoris, causing her kneeling body to jerk convulsively forward; burying the rod in her madly sucking mouth to the hilt. It, too, exploded, flooding her throat with the delicious pungent liquid, her cheeks expanding like a balloon to keep from choking on the great heated gushes that spurted without stopping, deep into her throat. She swallowed in ¶eager little gulps, fastening her lips like an elastic ring tightly around the thick ejaculating rod, fearful of losing even a drop of the precious fluid. Small droplets ran from the corners of her mouth as he collapsed in front of her. As he fell, his deflated penis flopped lifelessly from her still hungrily sucking mouth and thin sticky strings of cum hung like cobwebs from her lips to the deflated cock several inches away. Sarah screwed her firm young buttocks back tightly against the still squirting cock in her cunt, and with a scream from between clenched teeth felt her own body explode in a delirious convulsion of pure sensation as she came and came and came. Her strength was suddenly gone, and she collapsed on the mattress as the rapidly shrinking cock slipped limply from her drenched pussy and gushes of cool air rushed refreshingly into the unplugged opening. After that, time became meaningless and merged into a blur of strange and different penises, fucking her as they would and where they would. Sarah was beyond emotion. Her emotionally drained body still reacted with orgasms to several of the more inventive males that bent her to their will, but her strength was gone and she followed mechanically the directions that Henry would scream at her when she laed in her duties to the clients. "Get those legs up! Move that ass! Suck harder!" She was nothing now but a robot at his command and weakly moved her limbs to comply with his shouts.

Her final and absolute humiliation, her depthless pit of pits, was to come much later, after the men had had their fill of her, after their hip flasks of Canadian rye had filled their brains with hungers they would never have dreamed of sober, back with their families and friends. One of them hastily conferred with Hawkins, that much she could see for herself, and a number of them left together out the huge rear doors, opening them so that the great clouds of cigarette smoke billowed out, mixed obscenely with the pungent smells and aromas of her uncounted couplings, the sweet-sour fragrance of nakedness and jettisoned desires that soaked her bruised and battered young thighs and vagina like so many quarts of vile and untold liquid. She could hear the commotion before she could see what was at its center -- the laughing and shouting of the men, the excited sound of some animal. But by now there was no concern. Sarah didn't care what they wanted of her; she would do it without thinking now, with or without Henry's wonderful drug. For it wasn't the drug talking now it was Sarah the real Sarah! Sarah the whore, forevermore!

For one last degrading thrill, one final humiliation, they had given this old male burro some of Hawkins' Spanish Fly and led him, wheezing and bleating, into the van. He balked at being forced into this confined space and began to buck and kick, but the laughing crowd of drunken, sex-mad men pushed and pulled him over to where the battered young blonde girl lay immobile on the stained and torn mattress. She was too far gone to resist -- nothing mattered now. They positioned the old burro over her ripe nakedness and his enormous animal cock hung nearly to the floor of the van in his sex-drugged state. It was then that Sarah, in this lowest of acts, lifted her legs voluntarily and allowed them to position the wild-eyed beast over her as two of them held her legs back tightly against her chest. She was still on the mattress, or at least part of her was, so she was raised so high that ten inches or more of the animal's wrist-sized cock slid wetly and obscenely into her ravaged and bruised cuntal sheath, closing around it like it was just another man, just another penis to empty itself in her sloshing belly. The ragged beast began to hump madly, blinded now to the sight of the tightly-huddled men, answering only his immediate painful needs in this handiest of ways. His long dark cock skewered into her like a pole being driven into her very insides, and she moaned and writhed piteously as almost a full foot of enormously thick, frenetically-pumping animal cock was rammed repeatedly up into her belly. With the animal's drug-heightened state, it didn't take long and within a few minutes, there was a maddened, wheezing braying that echoed around inside the van as the mangy beast discharged a last flood tide of thick, viscous sperm that mixed lewdly with the rest already filling her to overflowing, sloshing out of her pink ragged slit and oozing onto the mattress where it added but another, if slightly larger, stain to the dozens already there. It mattered not to Sarah embarrassment was something beyond her ability to feel now. This most degrading of acts only helped to answer her burning needs and she smiled weakly as the huge, still-throbbing organ withdrew lewdly with a long wet sucking noise from the tightly-clasping confines of her pink moist vagina. She left her legs where they were, pressed back against her chest so tightly that she was nearly doubled in half. It never really occurred to her to bring them down after all, there might be one man left, one man left to satisfy. And that single hope was justification enough for the added discomfort.

Animal Girl Chapter 1

3 Over a week had passed since that fateful night in Line Creek, the night Sarah Olsen weathered the turning point in her young life that was irreversible. There would be -- could be -- no going back now; she was committed. But where there should have been shame and revulsion, suicidal despair and degradation, there was only a wild-fire of excitement and happiness with the newly-found source of good money -- more than she'd ever hoped to make in her life -- and the promise of wicked, forbidden pleasures equally beyond her wildest dreams. She'd thought once or twice of writing Jamie, maybe of sending him a snapshot of her with Lobo or with three or four of the paying customers, but she'd shelved the idea for now. Not because it was too mean and spiteful, not because it was a cruel and inhuman thing to even dream up but for another reason entirely, and one that made a lot more sense to the new Sarah, one that would have horrified the old Sarah she left behind in Blackjack to death The snapshot would have to wait until tonight when the time would be right. Tonight was to be her first night for Hawkins new treat for her. She could feel her thighs tingle at the very thought. For she was going to be the first with Jomo, with the show's three hundred pound male gorilla. Ahead of Gloria, ahead of everyone that wild jungle beast was going to be her's, all her's! The End
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