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i am a dog slut

Hi, my name is Missy and I'm a dog slut.

I let dogs have sex with me and I enjoy it! I like nothing better then to lay down on my back and let a dog hammer my bitch hole mouth with his mighty dog penis. I love a big, nasty, slimy, red, hot, throbing, dog dicks in my mouth. I am a dog whore and I love it! I love dicks and thier dicks are so nice and fat and juicy. They're nice and hard and I love to suck on them. I can suck dog dick all day long and hardly a day goes by I don't indulge my desire for dog dick.

I have two trained dogs -- big dogs -- that I blow every day. They have such nice yummy cocks. I often wake-up thinking about there nice big beanpoles and how I'm going to blow them. They are more then willing; they love getting thier nuts off in my mouth! Hell wouldnt you? I love to lick thier dicks and suck thier furry balls too. None of my holes are off limits to these studs and thier bulbous cocks. They've been in all my holes -- mouth, pussy and ass, sometimes two at a time. I love having my mouth and pussy stuffed at the same time. I would get a third dog if I could figure out a way to get gang fucked in all my holes at once. Would'nt that be nice taking dogdick in every hole at the same time? Unfortunately you can't get double fucked, ass fucked and pussy fucked, by dogs at the same time because its to awkward -- too bad.

I have a girlfriend who is also a dog whore and we fuck each other's dogs. Her name is Katrina and she's one horny bitch, she makes me look like a refined lady. We have been going down the street and she has taken stray dogs and we've come across and blown them in the alley while I've looked out. Can you imagine sucking off a stray dog that you just come across? Getting down on your hands and knees -- out in the open -- starting on his nice little soft furry foreskin, sucking untill his boner appears, and gobbling up his nice big pecker untill he blows his juicy wad in your mouth? One time right after that we went into a grocery store, she smelled like dog dick because she was holding the dog's nut in her mouth. She keep opening her mouth to show it too me. We french kissed and shared dog cum in isle 7. I've never done a stray like that because I'd be afraid I'd get bit but she is one wild lady. But I've wanted too so bad. I'm so horny for dog dick now I get wet whenever I see a male dog. I want to be his bitch and suck his dick and give him my pussy. I am a dog slut!!

Perhaps I should tell you what its like to blow your dog. What it's Like to Suck a Dog's Dick Well first of all to want to suck a dog dick you've got to really like dick and I really love dick. I love boners. I love hard-ons especially when they're in my mouth. I love to be on my knees with a boner in my bitch mouth. I'm a commited cocksucker. I love dicks!! I love putting my mouth over a dick.

I love feeling the hot, hard flesh fill my soft weak bitch mouth. I like being soiled by a hard dick. I love having a man take control of my head as he fucks me in the face. And best of all I love getting a hot load of salty cum pumped into my waiting mouth. I love recieving a man's load. I want it. I want it all in my mouth, every drop. I want to drown in it.

I love cum, big, hot gulpable, juicy, huge creamy wads pumping out of a straining dick filling my whore mouth When a man begins to pump his juicy load I wrap my lips around tight so I can take all his man juice. I like to have cum fill my mouth to over flowing. I like to taste fresh steaming cum pumped fresh right out a throbing cock into my mouth. I like the way boners blast the cum in and down my throat. And most of all I like to swallow it.

I love to drink cum. I saver it, taste it wholly and swallow every ounce. I like my bitch belly full of hot man goo. Having a nice nut in my mouth makes me feel so fulfilled so much like a women and so pretty and loved and wanted. Frankly im nutty for dicks and cum. I wish men would just mount my mouth and bang my lips all day long squirting cum down me. Since its hard to keep a ready supply of studs on hand I've found a whole new supply of nice big boners to suck off and thier ready when ever I want them. Plus you can't imagine what a turn on it is for me to be degraded by putting my lips around a scummy dog pecker. I love being a dog bitches. I love being degraded and debased. It turns me on to be below a dog. Nothing but a dirty dog slut whore.

I want to be raped by a dog, a pack of dogs, until I'm converted into nothing but a bitch in heat; a willing gutter bitch ready to mount.

When I'm going to suck off my dog the first thing I do is give him a big french kiss and ask him if he wants to use his bitch whore. Which of course he does. Once you get your dog used to having sex with human females they get horny as hell for them. My dog is always after my pussy, well, like a dog. He often tries to mount me without any encouragement. He's always wanting to fuck me in my pussy which he is used to. He can hardly wait for me to put my lips around his pecked and get a nut off in my mouth. He thinks I'm his bitch and I am. I am a dog bitches! I like to get under my dog so I don't have much control and he can use me as hard as he likes. I love to be used HARD like the bitch that I am. Pound me, pound me, pound me. Ram that dick down my whore throat. I shimmy up under him so he can get his dick in my face. I love smelling his dick, its so musty. I start by kissing his soft penis over and over. His dick hasn't come out yet. I'm just kissing the foreskin. I notice that the very tip of his penis has a drop of piss glistening to it. I lick it off with my tongue. I taste his piss in my mouth. It's so good. Then I begin to suck his musty foreskin. I suck it so lovingly. It usually has some crud slathered all over it. I love licking it off. I often come back for seconds for this thoughtout the day. His bitch keeps his dick very clean.

I lick his balls too. I lick all over his dick and balls sucking some parts and licking others. I lick and suck every inch. It isn't long before I rewarded, some of his dick comes out of the sheath. It's red and slimmy and I jump on it like a dog on a bone, a bitch dog on a boner. I rub my face all over it. It's wet and sticky. I wipe that slime all over my face. I love being coated with dog dick slime. I'm so happy to have a dick in my mouth. During the whole time I'm saying things like "Come on baby give mommy what she wants. Mommy wants your swollen dick between her lips, please baby. Use this dog whore. " I beg to be fucked by a DOG!

About this time I start to get wet and I put my hand down between my legs. Sometimes I just orgasm right then and there. Just the idea of having a slimmy dog dick in my mouth makes me pop. Actually at this point he really doesnt have a boner. Eventhough his dick has gotten bigger and it seems kind of hard it hasn't gotten to full erection. I don't know why but dog dicks seem to get hard in stages. If you've ever seen a little red dick sticking out from under your dog that's not really how big they get. They get alot bigger when you suck on them. They can get up to nine inches, 9 inches of fat, thick, throbbing, red dog cock, smooth, wet and slick with a big bulge (called the knot) at the base of his dick. It gets really big once he gets fully erect. Doggy dongs are so pretty, lovely and you can't help but want to suck one. I love big cocks, dog cock is no exception.

You can't suck your dog's dick real hard like you do your man cause I think his dick is much more tender. That's too bad cuase I really like to suck hard. Just suck the end of it gently. A dog's cock comes to kind of a point. It's not as nice as a man's big knob. Tickle the pointy end, hell like that. At about this point your dog may try to hump your mouth. I love to be humped in my mouth by a dog. I just lay on my back and let him hump the shit out of me. He keeps smasking that dick into my face over and over like a machine gun. This is about the second place when I have a orgasm; when my mouth becomes a dog's pussy. I keep thinking to myself over and over, "Fuck that dog pussy baby. Turn my mouth into a dog pussy. Use your bitch. Fuck me like an animal! Harder! Harder, fuck your gutter bitch harder!

" To my dog now I'm no longer his master ; I'm just a cunt for him to fuck, a bitch, his bitch, his dog bitches. I love being a dog's bitch, nothing but a dirty dog dick fuck hole, smeared with dog cum ready to submit to a dog fucking whenever my stud wants his bitch. I have surrendered to being his bitch, his total fuck toy. I've let a animal have control over me just because of my desire for dog dick. Now that I've had it I want it so bad -- I'll do anything to get it including being subservient to him so he'll want to take my holes. He owns me now and we both know it. He's a fuck hungry animal who takes his willing bitch whenever he's in the mood and I submit to his brutal fuckings joyously.

The only thing better then taking his penis is letting him drain his balls into my mouth or pussy. Dogs really cum. Much, much more then a man. Sometimes they cum full twenty minutes! Filling my mouth over and over with salty dog cum. I suck it down the whole time. I love drinking dog cum. I nurse that dog dick like a newborn baby on its mother's breast. I love slurping down dog cum and they just keep pumping. Slurping down dog cum like a baby on a bottle really makes me really cum. I suck down every drop. I milk the end of his dick to keep the sperm flowing. It is so warm, salty and good. I love being fed dog cum from a dog dick. I let him fill my mouth over and over then I gulp it down. It's hot like lava and I'm salivating just thinking about it. I always let my dog finish his whole nut in my mouth.

I'm a good dog bitches! When he cums I just keep thinking the same thing over and over: "That's it baby stain me with your doggy dick cum, paint me until I'm a smeared whore, tainted and defiled. Make me your bitch! Feed me your cum. Then I call my other dog over and do it all over again untill I'm burping up cum!!! Well I've got to go suck my dog off now I'm so horny.


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