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calf sucking

It was another warm summer night, the moon was but a sliver, the crickets chirped, the smell of fresh mown hay was thick in the air. As always my bed was on the large screened-in porch at the farm. As I lay in bed, I waited for everyone upstairs to fall sound asleep. I was getting horny thinking about my nightly adventure to the barn. I began to play with dick, it was instantly hard.

Earlier in the evening, when I was doing my chores, I had planned out the evenings activities. Tonight I decided that the one month old calf would satisfy me later. I gave the calf a little less than half it's normal milk knowing that I would feed it later. Behind several bales of hay I hid a full pail of very hot milk. My other equipment was safely stashed in it's normal hiding place.

I was so hard, I slowly moved my right hand up and down on my dick. I thought about the girl at the private club pool this afternoon. She must be new to the area, she had beautiful firm tits. Walking past her I caught a peek when she spread her legs as she got ready to get up from the lounge - what excellent luck. The full outline of her vulva had shown clearly through her damp suit and a few light brown hairs peeked around the sides. I thought I saw a dark stain at her bottom, I could only dream that she was bleeding too. My cock was so stiff in my hand I had to be careful not to rub it to hard since the Vaseline was not close by. I thought back to her and imagine my stiff prick head slowly parting her lips, just like the girl last winter, and slowly forcing her canal open for the first time, so tight. As I thought of it, my cock erupted, I could feel my glands above my ass squeezing as my balls tightened and the hot spunk shot all over the sleeping bag. God if it had only been inside her - the last tremors left my body and I was soaking wet with sweat.

I waited perhaps 10 more minutes making sure everyone was sound asleep. Ever so carefully I got out of the bed and crept across the porch - totally nude. I slowly opened the porch door and made my way toward the rear house door to retrieve my boots, conveniently left there earlier in the evening. I slipped them on and quiet as mouse skirted around the trees to get to the barn. My heart beat like a jack hammer with excitement - soon. Again being very careful not to make a sound - I entered the milk-house and then the barn.

Even though it was totally dark - just like ink - I knew my way. My eyes were adjusting to the darkness and from the glow several distant lights I could see a bit more. First, I collected the items hidden behind some old sacks and then the pail of still warm milk. The calves were asleep and only stirred slightly, they all but one were full of milk and sleeping soundly. I approached the pen for the chosen calf and began assembling things.

First I put a small hose through a small piece of steel pipe, having learned the hard way that the hose would naturally float to the top of the milk. Next, I put two ropes for my hands on the pre-positioned nails in the rafter. Then I hooked a long belt to one side of the gate to the pen. The pen's location allowed me to do all this away from full view should anyone enter the barn unexpectedly. I felt safe. Next I hung the pail on another nail. Taking the loose end of the hose I sucked pulling the milk through the hose. The calf still hungry was standing up and stretching - hoping as in the past the rest of it's dinner was on it's way. I snaked the hose over my shoulder and down to my penis. I took a correctly sized rubberband placed it over the hose and my penis effectively holding it in place at the base of my dick. The milk was dribbling out, not too fast - not too slow. The slats on the pen were just the right height (guess you built it) so that my penis rested on top of one of the slats and stuck into the pen. I reached around and pulled the belt across my bare ass and fixed it to the other side, holding my ass very tight to the gate. I took my hands and reached up and put them through the ropes. I could let my hands free at anytime but it was also convenient to leave them up - I felt and imagined I was tied up. The calf by now knew where dinner was.

Moving quickly the calf took my half erect penis completely in it's mouth and sucked hard for the rich milk. It's tongue was so large that it completely wrapped around half the circumference of my cock and it's throat muscles sucked hard. I was almost instantly hard. I could feel the calf take more of me as it strained to get the milk at the base of my penis. All it knew was that my cock was warm and milky just like it's mothers tit - a memory deeply ingrained in it's basic instincts for life. The calf sucked for a full minute without relaxing. Then frustrated and at the same time excited to be eating it did another very natural thing. It pulled it's head back, my dick still firmly in it's mouth and slammed it's head forward - commonly called a head butt. In nature it served to help release milk from the cow's udder and did not bother the cow. Fortunately for me the board on the gate protected my balls from being smashed. The calf sucked harder. I could feel it's not so smooth tongue, massaging the bottom of the head of my cock deep inside it's mouth, I was incredibly sensitive.

The calf growing more frustrated slammed my dick down and lost it's death like grip on my member. My cock now very stiff sprang straight out. The calf in the dark missed the mark and now was vigorously sucking the side of my cock, the cock head free but the rest of me totally taken in by it's tongue. It continued for what seemed like an hour, but perhaps another minute sucking on the side of my cock. My cock head was aching to be sucked, my hands were, I imagined tied, I had to bear it. The calf pulled back for another head butt.

This time it totally missed but hit my stomach through the gate. Feeling what it sensed as the tit, it again engulfed my rock hard cock all the way to the base. I strained at the belt, both wanting to back up and to push forward at the same time. The calf sucked hard. Had I not cum earlier on the porch, I would have easily erupted by now. My cock and balls ached for release, but it was not time - not enough fluid had built up - but I could feel it building.

The calf sucked on my cock. I was so hard, so sensitive. Finally I felt the tightness in my groin. My pelvic muscles tensing for release - building to a climax. My hot spunk shot deep within the calf's mouth. The calf obviously tasted it and enjoyed the new salty flavor - sucked even harder. The blood flowing to my rock hard cock made me dizzy as I climaxed. My cock was super sensitive, I wanted to pull back but the belt held me tight to the gate. The calf sucked.

For over a minute I spasmed as my climax continued due to the calf's aggressive stimulation. The calf wanted more of this spunk, now not satisfied by the milk dribbling on my cock. My erection started to soften, my cock remaining incredibly sensitive. Like a carpet burn - it felt like it was on fire. I couldn't get away. Then, all of a sudden, it passed and my cock began to get hard for the third time that night, the wonders of youth. In a few quick seconds my cock was hard again. The calf continued to suck, seeking to fill it's self with the warm milk it imagined came from me.

Much quicker now I felt my muscles tighten again and I came again. I could not feel the thick spurts like before, just the tightening and the sensitivity. I nearly blacked out. After a minute the blood flowed back to my head. I knew now I must stop. The calf was sucking my shrinking penis - now only on the head - it hurt so good. I released my hands from the ropes just as calf pushed forward and sucked all of me into it's mouth - I involuntarily pushed forward wanting more action - but also knowing I had to stop. I released the belt around my butt. I pulled my dick out of it's mouth. The calf stuck it's head through the gate and tried in vain to find me for more. I rubbed my cock and balls - they were completely drained. I was soaked in sweat and my cock and legs were drenched in milk and the calf's saliva.

I picked up my gear and stowed it away. I would clean it all in the morning. My legs were sticky with dribbles of milk and the vast saliva from the calf, I couldn't shower till the morning. Back on the porch, I fell soundly asleep to the smell of fresh cut hay and the sound of crickets. As I began to doze off, I heard a calf cry out, the sound of hunger, my cock began to stiffen as I fell asleep dreaming of feeding another calf. Perhaps everyone would go to town tomorrow and I would have another opportunity in the afternoon.

In the morning my cock was sore from the abusive calf sucking. Perhaps today, if I had the chance I would fuck a cow or heifer. Their thick hot clear vaginal discharge might lubricate me while I recovered before another midnight feeding, I was getting hard again both remembering and think ahead . .
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